Advancements in Audio Technology Will Influence Ministries

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Advancements in Audio Technology Will Influence Ministries
William Jackson, M.Ed.Podcast “My Quest To Teach – Digital Ministry”

William Jackson, M.Ed.

As voice technologies expand into the mainstream of technologyintegration, podcasting is making a serious run for increaseddominance in the voice technology aspect of broadcasting content.Many CofC ministries rely on multiple levels of tech to broadcasttheir content, daily devotionals, prayer requests, calendar updatesand streaming services are par for the course.The use of audio opens doors for Church of Christ ministries toexpand to potentially 24hour, 7 day a week broadcasts with broadcastsbeing recorded and scheduled for broadcasting anytime during theday or the night. Members that want to listen to, engage with, debate onand share scripture on platforms that support voice technologies

will have the freedom to do so.

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There are backrooms, blue rooms, private and public rooms beingdeveloped so people of all ages, genders, generations, culturesand colors can speak about any topic or subject matter.Voice technologies have so many rooms that people are literally“talking” about anything. The areas range from how to integratetech into education, building a Brand for a business, MarketingStrategies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), building relationships,marriage and ministry, raising children and other areas of humanengagement.  Aida Correa-Jackson a member of San Jose Church of Christ andsmall business owner (LoveBuilt Life, LLC) has been the moderatorof several online conferences that spanned globally. Her passion isThe Arts and how important Arts education is on a global platformand the building of creatives and innovators that span into business,

entrepreneurialism and education.

Voice engagement is the next tech and using audio, audio is hot andgetting hotter to help people connect and it will move into ministry.The drive to have audio discussions is growing because peoplecan have space to share their ideas and opinions. My Podcast“My Quest to Teach – Digital Evangelism” is hosted on severalplatforms, has built a following on a global scale.The challenge will be that hundreds in a room cannot talk at one time,moderators will manage the rooms where people can sharetheir faith and their opinions.Moving speakers from the audience that provide expert opinions,experiences, and backgrounds of success and growth. It is similarto free professional development on a global scale for education andapplied to ministry.The flexibility of speaking and audience participating and being amoderator are clear indications of the roles people are in. Churchesof Christ ministries are realizing that their members are online and

are engaged in audio apps so must make adjustments.

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The creators of social media platforms using audio is consumed whilepeople are doing other things around them. Driving, working out, takingcare of children, doing household chores, etc.Church of Christ ministries can see this as a chance to increase theircontent development to meet the needs of individuals, and familymembers. Fathers can listen to content directly related to their interestsin ministry, mothers can focus on what projects the church will be involvedin. Youth, teens, and young adults will have their content personalizedto their needs.The changes will allow those in ministry to increase their contentacross racial, gender, generational and socio-economic lines.Audio content can be developed easily and with less effort in formatting,configuring and editing, it is faster than video.Platforms like Clubhouse, Facebook and others make significantchanges in the engagement of people in education, business, sciences,technology, ministry, economics and so many other areas. What is to come from this only time will tell, people are quick to getused to one type of technology and then when something else comes

along they jump on board.

Churches of Christ ministries must remain true to their mission ofreaching the lost no matter who or whom it is even with tech.  As I have said in previous blogs and on my podcast, Church of Christministries need to be careful what platform or tool they are using. Notevery platform or tool is beneficial to sharing scriptures and our faithas followers of Christ.As members of the Body of Christ we are in this world but we shouldnot allow everything of this world affect us and pull us into participatingin new tech and social platforms that take us away from Christ. We canuse tech to bring us and others closer to Christ and sharing our faith.Resources like the Christian Chronicle are important because of the

access they provide in print and on social media

on Twitter

This may be a challenge for Church of Christ ministries becausepreaching salvation can be a tricky thing when online. The moreeffective methods are combining tech tools and ministry with a voice oflove, acceptance of differences and access when the listener is ready.Ministers, preachers, evangelists and leaders are looking at thepodcasting industry seeing it’s ability to connect and unite.Churches need to be careful about making plans to integrate tech,considering Church of Christ ministries are to build the Body ofChrist not to be popular. We have a mission of saving souls andkeeping souls saved not to be the top church with views, commentsand viral videos.We are ambassadors of Christ sent to evangelize we aspire tosave souls through the study of scripture and baptism.There should not be a misunderstanding for our mission to evangelize,minister and make disciples of men to share the death, burial andresurrection of Christ to save souls and keep souls saved.William and Aida Jackson are members of the San Jose Church ofChrist in Jacksonville, Florida. Lead minister Joel Singleton


Web is the Digital Evangelist for Let The Bible Speak TV

Podcast creator of My Quest To Teach – Digital Evangelism

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

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