Africans Are Using Digital Apps and Metaverse Technology to Build Communities

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Part 1 William Jackson, M.Ed.My Quest to TeachWorld Metaverse Council MemberGatherVerse / GatherVerse Africa Member

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Africans are sharing their content, ideas and experiences onmultiple digital platforms. These platforms have opened up somany opportunities for Africans across the continent to share

their voices and market their skills, talents and business plans.

The value is in building home grown businesses that improvecommunities, cities, villages and non-city communities. Thebest way for African economies to grow is to empower and supportthe family businesses, small and medium businesses and Africanentrepreneurs across the continent. Small, medium, communitybusinesses and entrepreneurs should be the top importance to

maintain economic parity and growth for generations.

There are so many social issues that are being focused on thatanywhere there is freedom of speech, freedom of expressionand social engagement it is being used to engage conversationsacross the continent and around the globe. African governmentsshould be listening to and engaging with the African Social

Media and Metaverse communities not trying to shut them down.

Digital platforms are a gift to those seeking to hear others onunlimited platform where you can have hundreds if not thousandslistening and contributing. Sharing ideas, building bridges thatexpand beyond borders, boundaries and environments. Digitalcommunities can build Africa further than where it is and faster.Governments need to understand with the correct guidance,support, compassion, and assistance Social Media, Metaverse,Digital Environments and Immersive Technologies can also help

African nations to grow into powerful influences.

As an educator in public education of STEAM+M:Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics Metaverse,higher education of Web 2.0 and Digital Media I participate inseveral platforms that Africans are working to build unity,

collaboration, marketing, investments and partnerships in Africa.

Apps can be used to empower so many people that the trends arebuilding to help Africans share their voices using mobile technologiesas never before. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ClubhouseSnapChat, TicTok have opened rooms that voices are being shared andempowered across the African continent. Africans now can share theirfeelings on political, societal, economic and educational issues

that directly affect them.

Sharing the unique and authentic content on diverse digital platformsis what Africans across the continent are learning how to do betterbecause they have safe digital places to do this. The fastestgrowing platforms, and they change every 3 to 4 years, have Africanstalking about politics, education, business, entrepreneurialism and

making a better Africa for Africans.

Technology, Social Media, the Metaverse are about building relationshipsand creating opportunties for collaboration. These are areas that manysocieties focus on and even though they may be separated by boundaries,borders and geographical locations all that is needed is access to Wifi,

a Smartphone or a tablet.

Content is being shared that inspires Africans passion to helping each other,building communities and constructing stability in discussions whereeveryone wins and everyone is valued. This is destroying even the mind-setsof established colonization and slavery globally. Where war torn areas areeven being reported and broadcast around the world where human rights are

being violated and denied.

As a Educator, Contributor, Mentor, Professor, Podcaster, Blogger andsupporter to a stronger, independent and free Africa I would like to providesome suggestions to assist Africans in amplifying their voices online andusing available technologies to build themselves, their families and theircommunities.

William Jackson (United States) is a Digital Innovator, Digital Evangelist and Content Creator. Sharing technology skills across Africa, especially with young Africans across the continent. William is a contributor to One Africa Forum, Nigerian Development HUB, and Modern Ghana as a

respected columnist. A speaker for WordCamp and WordPress conferences.

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