Africa’s apology to the world

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February 18, 2011 By Edward Amartey-Tagoe

I have always believed in Africa and the potential stored in it. We may not be running as fast as other nations are, our objectives and goals are however clear, unless of course you intend to turn a blind eye to the trends presented everyday.

I was moved by Archbishop  Desmond Tutu’s statement during the Ballon D’Or ceremony in January. He sent a clear apology on behalf of Africa. He said he was sorry because visitors will not see lions if they came to Cape Town.


For ages, Africa has served as the continent people visit when they want to see lions and go on wild safaris. Directors throng Africa when they intend to shoot a video on HIV, or poverty. Slowly but surely such adventure seekers and holidaymakers might no longer get what they want. Africa just jumped on the bandwagon, and is leading the world in mobile penetration rates. With time Africa will be known as the continent that produces necessities for mankind and no more as the malaria-infested land contaminated by draught and famine. SOURCE OF PHOTOGRAPH

Not too much information is available when it comes to Africa; I am therefore not surprised when aliens classify our landmass as a country rather than a continent. I think, we as Africans have to hold ourselves responsible for this problem. We haven’t done enough for others to see the hope within us. We haven’t done enough to let others believe in what we can do. It is time, we put the old ‘’African image’’ in the closet and project the Africa 2.0 we intend to live. The Africa that knows the internet, the Africa that believes in good governance and democracy, that Africa devoid of coup d’etats and certainly the Africa full of scholars and educated leaders.

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