Africa’s women: A round-up

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March 23, 2013 By Editor

Thanks to Ida for letting me share some links about African women I’ve found this week. They make interesting reading, from telecommuting to money to the promise of Africa’s women. Pull up a chair, make sure you have a cup of tea and get reading:

The #FirstWorldProblem South Africa’s women would love to have


The interesting thing about the debate over Yahoo’s ban on working from home is that there was even a debate. That seems a luxury from my perch in South Africa, where telecommuting is hardly common. Women here face a

You Can Help Yari Yari Ntoaso Bring Black Women Writers to Ghana


A diverse gathering of dozens of women writers from Africa and its diaspora will meet in Accra, Ghana from May 16-19. And you can help make it happen by joining the indiegogo campaign that will help women writers attend.

African Woman Leadership Award: Mantu congratulates First Lady


The Chairman, advisory board of Nigerian Royalty Awards, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, yesterday felicitated and congratulated Dame Patience Jonathan, on her meritorious conferment of the “Distinguished African Woman

Philips highlights unmet healthcare needs of African women


The report reflects that mortality rates for women and children in Africa continue to rise and are amongst the highest in the world due to a lack of adequate healthcare services. The report was commissioned as part of the

£16m cash match for African Women – AOL Money UK

The Government has promised to match £16 million of public donations to Red Nose Day to help Comic Relief transform the lives of more than half a.

African Women Who Inspire: Isis Nyong’o | Akili Dada


She has been named as one of the top 40 women under 40 in Kenya for several years as well as short listed on the Forbes Top 20 Youngest Power women in Africa and on IT News Africa’s Top 10 Women in ICT. She serves

OpEdNews – Article: African American Women and the Prison


Article: African American Women and the Prison Industrial Complex – Even with new developments in restoring felons right to vote, African American women (and men) remain one of the largest disenfranchised race/ethnic

The Promise of Africa’s Women « The New York Forum Blog


Culturally it is commonplace for African women to work. The World Bank suggests that two-thirds of African women are in the workforce, and it is estimated that they grow 80 percent of the continent’s food. But there are still

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