ASK your lingerie retailer to help you beingU

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October 4, 2011 By SadiaSisay

Are you ready for a brand that will answer your needs and has taken your skin tone and body shape into full consideration?

beingU, the exciting new lingerie brand for darker skinned women launched to the UKs lingerie trade in August this year.  The full consumer launch will be in February 2012.  The company, founded by dynamic entrepreneur, Sadia Sisay has the lingerie world (including retailers) buzzing with their exquisite debut collection featuring their revolutionary and innovative method of fitting briefs. They are promising a reduction in wedgies!

You only need to ASK your lingerie retailer if they will be stocking beingU, and tell them you would love to see this brand in their store. Write back to Africa on the Blog to let us know if you are prepared to ASK and what stores you will be speaking to.

Let’s all get involved and start your lingerie revolution. ASK so you can get!


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