Being black is no more a choice than being White.

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June 25, 2011 By SadiaSisay

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I have been reading a lot about whether a Mormon could be a president of the US. I for one part do not care about that. Makes no difference to me.

What caught my eye, was the amount of comments back on if Barack Obama can so can a Mormon (John Huntsman) on some of the blogs .

Now, this is an age old argument, as soon as a minority group is in the media it suddenly a free for all on all minority to be grouped together irrespective of whether we are part a group by choice or not.

My views on religion is that it is a choice for many apart from when as children, we may have to follow what the adults around us follow. As soon as we become adults we have a choice on religion.

So to draw comparisons on a president of a certain race to another of a certain religion is just plain daft. It is saying that Barack Obama has a choice on his ethnicity. Compare his religion to a Mormon’s but not his skin colour. I am sure most people do not even think about it as anything wrong as that sort of comparison is so embedded.

This is just one example of many over the years  when there has been any debate over minority issues.I am sure the issue of women will soon be compared if not already! Like is never compared to like. I for one a a black woman gets fed up of my colour being used as a comparator for every minority issue that comes up!

As usual, my post is very short mostly due to time constraint but I have also said what I needed to say

I am sure there are varied views on this out there and would like to hear what other think about this.

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