Black to the Future in the Metaverse for Families of Color and Culture

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Black to the Future in the Metaverse for Families of Color and Culture William Jackson, M.Ed. Lead Organizer for Youth and Teen Conference 

There is a commemoration inviting the community to attend a Celebration
of Black History Month virtually that will be held Saturday, February 26th from 10am to 4pm. The Black Meta Fest 2022 is inviting youth, teens and young adults with their parents to a virtual event in celebration of Black History Month on a virtual tour of the Metaverse and upcoming Web 3.0


This event is an introduction to help parents understand what the Metaverse is, what NFTs are, how youth, teens and young adults globally may be affected and influenced with emerging technologies. This is a FREE event with the Lead Organizers William and Aida Jackson (The XSTREAM TEAM), and Natalie Hannans (WaterGirlRaw) working in collaboration

with Black Meta Fest 2022.

Portions of the event will be held on Zoom and on Metaverse platforms. Digital works created by students will be placed on youth friendly sites like Crypto Kids Gallery and WaterGirlRaw’s Gallery both in virtual spaces for families to tour and see how future technologies will potentially be used by digital artists, digital

creators and digital innovators.

Presenters will include local students, students from South Africa, teachers, and digital entrepreneurs. The changes in technology are currently affecting digital currencies, employment opportunties in technology, equitability in ownerships of digital properties and how future generations will invest and make purchases with digital monies. The future is now and Blacks and those of the Diaspora need to be prepared for cashless societies, digital currencies, virtual educational opportunties and global partnerships. The youth/teen and young adult conference on Saturday, February

26th will have business owners, entrepreneurs, educators and students sharing

their journeys onto platforms and spaces that are virtual and digital.

Registration for families is free at and parents must

be with their children at all times because there will be access to spaces on

the metaverse.

More information can be found at

William and Aida Jackson (United States), Zakaria Laajily and Yousra Mounib (both of Morocco) are content creators focusing on Africa and the 54 nations of the continent. They are digital innovators for their respective developing brands and interns with My Quest To Teach. My Quest To Teach – William, Zakaria and Yousra are developing their brands that will be announced soon in 2022. Sharing the technology skills of Africans, especially young adults of Morocco. William, Aida, Zakaria and Yousra are contributors to One Africa Forum, Education Conference rooms on Clubhouse. Zakaria and Yousra are contributing and volunteering with One Africa Forum and developing platforms providing conferences, workshops and trainings. They will be providing a Podcast supporting Morocco youth, teens and young adults soon as they develop their content, objectives and strategies for implementation. They are both university students with a passion for doing work in their beloved Morocco and sharing their voices as they grow in their skills, talents and abilities as content creators, students and developing influencers on the African continent and as Moroccans.

Zakaria and Yousra are the major contributors of Africa On The Blog and posting content weekly.

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