Bojo Beach Resort, Accra, Ghana: Part 1

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On my first Saturday in Accra, I hooked up with my cousin and ventured out to one of the most popular beach spaces Accra has to offer, Bojo Beach Resort. Bojo Beach is located at Bortianor, Kokrobite Rd. Off the Old Weija Barrier. In other words, if you drive on the road to Cape Coast, past McCarthy Hill and branch off to the left, there is a sign (thankfully!!!!), you will find your way there.

We were one of the first to arrive at Bojo Beach that Saturday. We were greeted by courteous security staff at the gate. The gate fee was 6 Ghana Cedi’s per adult, but it is all worth it. It offers a patron an exclusive beach experience, where one would feel safer and secured from the usual snatchers and lurkers that come with the territory. And the gate fee goes towards keeping the beach clean.

Bojo Beach Security Gate and Bridge over moat

Upon entering the gate, we ascended a bridge that went over a man made moat people. And that moat is full of fish, not sure if fishing is allowed though. As we descended the bridge, we were greeted by Bojo Beach’s manicured grounds which lead to it’s main business and conference centre. But that was not where we were headed; our focus was the beach. In order to get to the beach, we took a gondola ride over the Densu River. There was so much to experience, and we hadn’t even reached the beach yet!

Gondola ride to the beach

Bojo Beach offers very clean, crisp white sands. There is a bar, music, changing shacks and service! We wasted no time to order food. It took quite some time to arrive, it must have been because we were there so early, but once the food came, it was well worth the wait. The food was mouth wateringly tasty mate! We ordered a selection of local foods such as banku and grilled Tilapia with freshly made pepper (salsa style). They also offer western style foods such as grilled chicken and French fries. But the mother of all dishes I had was the mixed seafood grill. It either comes with fried rice or the ever delectable jollof rice. The mixed grill included lobster, octopus, sole and tilapia with a side of Ghana’s ever famous shito (chilli paste) and the flavours were amazing! I would fly all the way to Ghana again just for a taste of that mixed grill.

Mixed Grill with fried rice… yummmmm!

The Atlantic Ocean was so warm and inviting, and the waves means a surfer would get a chance to really enjoy their time at the beach. As the afternoon progressed, we saw more and more people trickle in to pay homage to Bojo Beach. As we all sat there and enjoyed ourselves, we all began to wonder who established Bojo Beach. We all said we hoped it was not set up by some old European couple. We were pleased to discover that it has been established by locals.

Pier for bands, parties, events

We had fun and it was now time to leave Bojo beach. As we were getting onto the gondola for our 2 minute return trip to the main land, a friendly gentleman came next to me and asked how I was enjoying myself, and where I was visiting from. I immediately expressed how impressed I was and asked if he knew of the owners. It turns out that he was the “Bo” from Bo-Jo, and he gave us an exclusive tour of the rest of the Bojo Beach Site. He showed us the Gazebo, which feels air conditioned when you stand under it. He also showed us the pier, which had recently hosted a business party. He took us into the conference centre and showed us some of the event rooms which are available for hire.

Gazebo with natural air con effect

He took a few minutes to tell me the Bojo Beach story. Which I will share in my next interview style post.

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