Breaking News: Robert Mugabe fighting for his life

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April 10, 2012 By Freedes

In the wake of the Malawian President’s death and all the stories surrounding how a prophet in Nigeria had predicted it, another African president faces a very grim future and little is known about whether he will make it through the week or whether his illness is trivial.

The news of Robert Mugabe’s condition broke out on 9 April 2012. It has been reported by both the Australian and The Daily Mail Online that the president lies critically ill in a Singapore Hospital. Whilst some speculate that he is in Singapore for the enrolment of his daughter into university, others have leaked that the ill president already handed  over power to his feared Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Twitter is buzzing with this news with Mugabe being a top trend in South Africa already. There appears to be a lot of bitter and ill wishes for the president from tweeters and newspaper commentators, some who cannot wait for the president to kick the bucket.

Would Mugabe’s death be considered the death of an African leader or just a common criminal and murderer? How do Zimbabweans feel about this?

What are people’s thoughts and reflections on what the man has meant to the country. He could recover or he could die in a few hours or days, eventually. So… What does that mean for Zimbabwe and her people?

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