Favorite Fashions From African Web Series

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Addictive African web series such as “Ogas at the Top”, “The Nairobians”, The Samaritans”, and  “I of Africa” has been making waves on the web. There are even hilarious series such as “Ackee & Saltfish” which features in-depth passionate debates over topics such as the back bread from a bag of sliced bread.

My favorite and one of the most fashionable series is “An African City.”   https://www.youtube.com/user/AnAfricanCity

This is a smart and sexy series which chronicles the lives of 5 beautiful, successful, young women, navigating their way through love, sex, career and social issues in Accra, Ghana. As I and other loyal watchers anxiously awaits season 2,  we continue to have “eye-gasims” over the lush and vibrant fashion featured throughout the series.

Image is from An Africa City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtKX9qYPCuI

Many of the designs featured in the show are from designers such as Kiki Clothing, Christie Brown, Ameyo, AfroModTrends, Afrodesiac, Deborah Vanessa, and Chemphe Bre.

Here are several of my favorite looks modeled by the talented actresses from An African City.

Image from Kuwala http://kuwala.co/blogs/news/34544129-an-african-city-season-1-style-recap (Names of actresses from left to right) Maame Adjei as Zainab, Esosa E as Ngozi, MaameYaa Boafo as Nana Yaa, Nana Mensah as Sade, and Marie Humbert as Makena.  Image from Bella Naija http://www.bellanaija.com/2016/01/ghanaian-web-series-an-african-city-is-back-with-season-2-watch-the-opening-scenes-of-episode-1/ Maame Adjei from an african City endorsing Zoti’s Collection : Prints and Pastels Image from https://305927716147259.offertabs.com/2196026?view=pins&board=yes-darling

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