“Ink of Inspiration” in Content Development at WordCamp Conferences

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“Ink of Inspiration” in Content Development at WordCamp Conferences
William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach #WordCamp

The digital environment of Social Media, Wed Development, the multiple web based platforms of engagement has changed the methodology of communication and collaboration globally. From the United States to Central America, to Canada, to Europe and Africa, the growth and development of technology

is influencing global connections.

The process of sharing content is forever changed, everyone has a story to tell; their opinions, their ideas, emotional connections or disconnection and casual conversation with family and friends. The methodology of sharing content has digitally adapted and continues to adapt to platforms, tools and Apps. The “Ink of Inspiration” is directed by the creation of content, content that is authentic, inspiring, diverse, intellectual and emotional. The use of technology, the application of social skills on digital platforms cannot be denied, nor can it be ignored. Looking at the current (2019) President and arguably the effective use and efficient application of Twitter to make things happen and

influence minds.

WordCamp conferences are national and international in presence and their purpose to “democratize the web.” Democratize refers to the way people access and contribute to the Internet. How their content is not static, but dynamic and engaging. Designed to welcome feedback in some way. There is an interactive element built into the process of content development and content engagement. Social Media is a central discussion point for those attending WordCamp conferences that

seek to grow their Brands and Business.

There is an “Ink of Inspiration” in content creation that demands active and authentic content development from traditional Blogging (writing) to Video and Podcasting. The formats of posting content can be as Podcasting, VBlogging, MicroBlogging and VRBlogging. Youth, teens and young adults must understand that their content can either be their best friend or worst enemy depending on what they post. I share this when speaking at WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences that their content can either maximize their Brand(s) or minimize its impact locally, nationally

and even on an international level.

Content has the flexibility of text, graphics, video, audio or a diversity of mixed development creating the path to integrate innovate, create, and collaborate. “Digital Inkers” have the responsibility to create quality content that builds community and opens doors to collaboration. They grow into influencers and share the power of thought leadership and digital intellectualism and innovation. All this happens at WordCamp

and even KidsCamp conferences.

The power of written and spoken words are generating perceptions that can be socially productive, engaging and change social perceptions. Words create power, purpose and productivity. A single picture, a short video clip can either elevate a person (going viral) or lower their importance and influence in the world by using racial, sexual and de-humanizing terms. Content has power !!! The “Ink” that you use to create content should be lasting and influential, content creators should question how their content is interpreted and


Is your “Ink”carrying power, passion and a purpose? The “Ink of Inspiration” can be a uniting force of good and unity or a force of destruction and upheaval.

Use your ink wisely…. #MyQuestToTeach

Each of these wonderful talks provided by William Jackson are locally, nationally and internationally recognized. Recorded by PodCasters that are experts in their careers and influencers with their content and community engagement. Teaching over 31 years in public education,  WordCamp blogger, advocate, speaker, volunteer and sponsor since 2016 shares knowledge, wisdom, experiences as a professional educator and technology


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WordPress TV William Jackson’s presentations How To Be Dope On Social Media and Social Media and the Value of Diversity and Cultural Connections.


Internationally speaking at WordCamp Costa Rica Central America
and WordCampYYC Calgary Canada in 2018.

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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