Is a United States of Africa possible?

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In 2009 Qaddafi was elected as the leader of the African Union and one of the things he wanted to bring about was the United states Africa.

Gaddafi isn’t the head of the African Union anymore, but  he has not given up at least in as far as bringing about the unity of Africans in diaspora is concerned and here in Europe there are several diaspora meetings sponsored by Libya

The jury is still out on all of this but I am grateful that at the very least someone is taking charge or facilitating the dialogue.

I do have some questions though and will keep this post short so we can have a discussion

  1. What are the pros and cons of such a move?
  2. Will it make for a stronger Africa for instance?
  3. Who will be in charge of such a state?
  4. Is Africa ready for a Untied States of Africa

So over to you folk, what do you think?

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