Nigerians Do You Really Know Who You're Voting For

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April 2, 2011 By specialguest

I stumbled on this website which helps on who to vote for in the upcoming Nigerian elections, which are due to begin in less than 72 hoursby showcasing the candidates and links to their websites. Unfortunately, Nigerians in diaspora are not able to vote but nothing stops us from having a voice and sharing our opinions especially with those we can influence in these final hours.

As much as I believe that your vote is your business, my brother or sister’s vote also affects me. A popular Yoruba proverb says that if you don’t stop a member of your household from eating poisonous vegetables then you should be ready to face the consequences later on.

This weekend don’t just chat with your loved ones about how Spring has started or how you shopped till you dropped. Make sure you discuss the candidates. You don’t need to know who they plan to vote for but make sure you raise points that will help them clarify their decisions. In the words of late Chief Bola Ige, don’t just ‘sidon look’. Take action, speak up. It’s the least you can do for now.

It’s sad we can’t vote but hey hopefully by 2015, there will be an app for that!

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