Sharing Ideas to Build African Content Creators

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Sharing Ideas to Build African Content Creators
William Jackson, M.Ed. The continued growth of African content creators is being seen in the global expansion of Africans that are sharing their digital stories.Whether their stories are personal, professional, collaborative, political or based on social issues there are more African bloggers than ever before. Digital infrastructures are allowing Africans to build businesses using their cell phones and tablets. Technology is opening new doors to compete and collaborate and the world is noticing on Social Media and digital commerce.There are many African bloggers not sure how to start and where to go for help. The availability of WordCamp conferences and other tech workshops, meetups and meetings helps tremendously. Understanding and comprehension of how to apply content creation is important. Blogging is not and will not die because of the diversity that is available. Sharing from my experiences to help bloggers on the African content are from my experiences as a blogger, speaker, volunteer, advocate and organizer at WordCamp, Bar Camp and other tech events. As a professional educator with a Masters in Technology with a focus in Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM and 30 years of teaching I have seen so much on the local, national and international levels. African communities are improving their infrastructures so the increase is necessary to support the growing number of users. Resources are valuable to allow for growth educationally, economically and even socially.

22 Ideas for Growth and Engagement of

African Content Creators1. Find your calling for content creation, you should enjoy the process and feel that your accomplishing something that is coming from your heart and your head. 2. Question your direction in content and where you’re going. The direction that you are traveling is important to the stability and growth of your personal and business life. 3. Use your current skills to build your craft and build your Brand. Starting is sometimes the hardest part, but begin and don’t look back.4. Always participate in learning activities, being a life-long learner is beneficial because it sets the foundation for continued learning and growth. 5. Stay true to your Brand, your Brand represents you and the business you are building. 6. Look at your potential competition as possible future collaboration. Find common ground to work on and build a following together. The world is a global economy that is based on business collaborations. 7. Be proud of who you are and be authentic in your Brand.8. Don’t be distracted by others and their growth, don’t imitate others that are growing faster than you, study their marketing abilities and who is their audience. 9. Embrace your cultural heritage and leverage it to grow,but always be mindful of the power of embracing diversity. 10. Don’t forget where you came from and how you can help others grow from their situations and circumstances.11. Watch your level of articulation and language when posting content on diverse platforms. Your words carry power. 12. Be careful how  you share information across cultures, genders and generations. The language you use can make or break your Brand and building relationships. 13. Be prepared for trips to libraries for research. Gaining information to build beyond your opinion, speculation and perceptions from experiences.  14. Being involved in Social Media and tech it is important to always have your devices charged because you never know when content will be available for your next blog or video. 15.  Try to put aside your personal ideologies and nuancesthat will affect your writing. Distractions must be kept to a minimum. 16. Write for multiple platforms, diversity helps to bring about diversity in thinking and looking at things differently. The TEDTalk “The Danger of a Single Story” is important to listen to and helps understand potential perceptions.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an excellent storyteller.

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