To Whom It May Concern: Famine at the Horn Of Africa

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July 27, 2011 By specialguest

A letter to the Editor from The African Future  Global Enrichment Foundation  Hope for Nations

Over the past few weeks an emergency has unfolded on the Horn of Africa. Facing the worst drought in over 60 years, the people of Somalia are experiencing massive crop and livestock failures, rapidly diminishing access to drinking water and the chaos associated with internal displacement and civil strife. The United Nations has declared a famine in Somalia, a term reserved for only the most desperate food shortages.

Refugee camps on the borders of Somalia are filling up at rates unseen in decades. The people arriving are emaciated, having trekked for 20-24 days through the sweltering heat of the African desert. Unfortunately, many of them starve to death on the journey most of them under 5. This disaster has been declared the “children’s famine”.

The conditions inside the refugee camps are grim, however the people who arrive at these camps are fortunate because they will have life-saving access to food, water and medical attention. The people who really need our help are still trapped in southern Somalia. The United Nations has estimated that 10 million people now face the prospect of starvation in Somalia, with reports of tens of thousands already dead.

It is critical that the international community respond with food aid immediately. The last famine in Somalia in 1991-­‐1993 resulted in 500,000 deaths. We now face a catastrophe that can result in twice as many deaths, with the possibility to extinct an entire generation. Close to 800,000 children in Somalia are at risk of imminent death if assistance does not reach the country urgently.

Emergency Food Convoy into Somalia

 The African Future, The Global Enrichment Foundation and Hope for the Nations are working on a rapid response to this situation. Trucks full of emergency food aid will leave from Nairobi, Kenya for Dhoobley, Somalia on July 30, 2011 with a goal of feeding 50,000 people. The food baskets distributed will feed a family of 5 for two weeks.

The food will reach Somali’s who are walking to the refugee camps in Kenya, giving them sustenance to complete the journey. This will be one of the first major food deliveries into the area since the declaration of a famine. The cost of

the convoy is $300,000 USD. All implementing partners are operating with NO overhead costs. We anticipate significant media attention given to this food convoy and major sponsors will be identified.

Tax receipts are available for all donations in the United States and Canada. For more information go to:

The delivery of this food is literally the difference between life and death for its recipients. Stand in solidarity with communities in need, and bear witness to their strength.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Hibe Kalfan

+1 703 581 7708

[email protected]

Thank you for your time.

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