Uganda’s cry for democracy

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Uganda is the first country in sub-Saharan country to stage riots like in Egypt and Tunsia.The riots initially were peaceful protest from Ugandans against the rising food prices and fuel prices. The first protest was known as the “walk to work protest” which was lead by Uganda’s opposition parties. Of course this didn’t go well with ruling party who mobilised police force who arrested the opposition leaders for unlawful gathering. The arrest of the opposition leaders caused people to throw stones at the police who later sprayed tear and fired live bullets to disperse the mob. Besigye ,the leader of the main opposition was later released on bail .However later that day he was re-arrest , in a really military manner. The police officers who arrested him smashed his car window and sprayed him with pepper. All this was recorded by stations national wide and can be found on YouTube

The arrest this time round stirred up massive riots with in Kampala city. Ugandans this time want change and are ready to use force. I recently read a a statement from the minister of internal affairs who just Besigye form arrest and “the bullets invented by the British and Americans” for killing the protestors. I couldn’t believe this was from a university graduate. The president’s statement was much worse, he used Idi Amin as a benchmark for his leadership skills and claimed Uganda was one of the most democratic countries in the world.

Recently president Museveni was on a state visit to Kenya and Benji Ndolo a Kenyan consultant openly insulted Museveni at the conference for the ongoing riots in Kamapla city.If my Kenyan brother stood for Uganda, who I am not to stand for my own country. If one is to visit our top University in Uganda,it will tell you how much Museveni is running the country like his personal ranch. This week lawyers from Uganda Law society are going to peacefully protest against the unfair treatment going on in Uganda.

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