WordCamp In Africa – Preparing Business Ownership and Entrepreneurs

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WordCamp In Africa – Preparing Business Ownership and Entrepreneurs
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach

2018 and 2019 have seen a rapid expansion of WordCamp conferences in Africa, from the southern portions of this magnificent continent to the northern edges. People globally are missing the awesome growth in

what is happening in Africa.

WordCamp conferences can be found growing and thriving, opening doors for new digital collaborations, business ventures, enabling and empowering African entrepreneurs to share their Brands and build new Niches and partnerships. Africans of younger generations are seeing that is it better to collaborate than to compete and get the influence of how digital media can influence politics, education and

social issues.

As a blogger the digital impressions expand based on your engagement can influence people around our globe. WordCamp allows rapid and sustainable digital intellectual growth. Content creation is only limited by the access to wifi which is still sporadic in some area. There are creative minds that apply what is learned at WordCamp conferences and the growing number of Kid Camp and Youth Camp conferences. So involved are Kids and Youth Camps there is success seen in as

new business are starting because of access and engagement.

Kids Camp and Youth Camp conferences have dynamic and engaging curriculums created by African digital innovators and even African

business owners contribute.

WordCamp is a casual environment where information is shared related to WordPress. WP is a free and open source personal publishing

application that powers over 40% of the web.

The continued immersion of Africa will rapidly increase these numbers. In 2019 there are  several  African WordCamp conferences ready to host bloggers, coders, content developers, entrepreneurs, consultants, business owners and others that are involved in many areas of tech

and Social Media.

Experience does not matter at the WordCamp conference, everyone’s opinions, ideas and passions are valued and appreciated. Each conference builds relevant discussions and information is applicable immediately during and after the conference. Networking is formidable because real people with real careers, professions, businesses, and

real dreams are present to share and help others.

Digital Creativity in Africa

Mentors in multiple areas can be found and the growing number of Internships helps to provide youth and teens with real world opportunities to apply and learn skills to build on. Real world

application is very important to prepare for life.

The conference sessions are a variety of formats from lectures, presentations, lightening talks or lightning presentations, panels and interviews. Presentations are diverse sessions that incorporate slides and videos that can be accessed from the presenters web site or through WordCamp channel on

https://WordPress.tv after the conference.

African business owners and entrepreneurs are learning that their social media content should drive people to their web sites to encourage building business relationships and collaborations. The continent of Africa is becoming smaller because the increase in digital wireless access. Equipment is changing to address the needs of the youth, teens and young adults that are demanding

digital speeds  that support the influences of digital content.

Future WC conferences for 2019 WC Cape Town


WC Johannesburg

WC Harare

William Jackson has spoken in Calgary, Alberta Canada and San Jose, Costa Rica. He he can be seen on WordPressTV


William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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