A luo prayer

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The God of the Ancient Luo is called Ramogi.

I am yet to learn about his complete attributes and the history about him as the God of the Luo.

However, from the way Luos pray in the Christian circles, and the history books I have read, I have been able to come up with the following prayer, which I hope would resemble a prayer of the Luo people before colonial times.

The Luo were traditionally pastoralists and treasure cattle. They also offered sacrifices to Ramogi, their God in time of need. The following prayer is fictional and would have been conducted by a prophet or man of God (Ja-Ramogi).

Ramogi, you who knows all and conquers all

Creator of heaven and earth

We seek permission to approach you today

We praise you and we acknowledge your strength

Only you know the length and breadth of the lake (Victoria)

Only you know the journey of the sun and the moon

As they cross the sky at your command

Ramogi, you who is perfect

Whose lips utter no wrong

Whose eyes see all evil and punishes it

Whose every breath fills the earth with fresh air

You are the thunder and lightning

You are the sunshine and the rain

We bow before you, the almighty, the unseen

Ramogi, we have done wrong

We come to seek your mercy

Please accept our cattle

Please accept our goats

Please accept our grain

The very best from the blessed harvest you gave us

We acknowledge you as the all-seeing God

Ramogi, the rain is far from us

The land is dry and the air is thick with heat

Our cattle are dying our goats are thin

Our children’s ribs are bare for all to see

Our enemies are mocking us

“Why doesn’t your God help you?” they ask

They are stealing our cattle

Knowing that we will be too weak to pursue

They are taking our women

And keeping them for themselves

Ramogi, God of Thunder,

We pray that you strike them with blindness

We pray that you strike them with sickness

That they may never find their way

That they may never know health or wealth

Our protector, only you can deliver us

We seek your help

Ramogi, God who made the water of many lands (Lake Victoria)

God who speaks and His Voice thunders

God who whispers and the mountains move

We pile our praises on you

All our cattle and all our land is yours

All our warriors are at your service

All of us are at your beckon

Call and we will answer

Ask and we shall give you what you need

Instruct us and we shall perform

Admonish us and we shall change our ways

May our sacrifice please you,

May you respond favorably to our plea.

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