Africa for Africans: A Revitalized Pan-Africanism

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October 16, 2012 By Ossob Mohamud

There is a nascent yet forceful resurgence of Pan-Africanism happening within the communities and souls of the African Diaspora. It might have been long in the making or it might be a new 21st century phenomenon, but in either case it has been woefully under-reported and acknowledged.  Africans from within the continent and from abroad are becoming increasingly vocal about their disenchantment with the representations of their heritage, cultures, and lands in mainstream global media. Many people of African heritage also feel enraged by constantly having their agency robbed of them as the larger than life, foreign-run, aid industrial complex overshadows grass roots community efforts.  Simply put, conscious Africans have had enough of their stories being told, usually in a destructive and condescending manner, and demand to be the storytellers. Africans have always been the shapers of their own destinies, and now they are demanding that the world listen.

Those within and outside of the continent are beginning to not only question the centuries of gross distortion, erasure, and appropriation of African issues in mainstream discourse but are actively rewriting that discourse with their authentic voice.  A fantastic and timely example is the recent launch of Africans in the Diaspora. Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) is an inspirational initiative by Africans for Africans to create a “self-reliant, socially and economically just Africa.” This initiative provides a rare platform for Africans to connect, collaborate and contribute to African social change movements and organizations that are in need of exposure and support.

The flurry of attention and welcome AiD is receiving is exciting to see and hints at a successful future ahead of it. It will hopefully be able to fully engage Africans in Africa itself, and also ensure that the participation of Africans in the Diaspora is not only limited to those residing in the West, but of Africans living throughout the Global South.

This will undoubtedly be the first of many more African lead and African intended projects. Active and conscious lovers of Africa are beginning to look inward to their continents vast resources, strength, and intellectual capital. Breaking the dependency cycle that plagues the continent and reclaiming our agency and our experiences is vitally important for igniting another Pan-African revolution.

To learn more about AiD and how to get involved check out the website here:

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