African Warrior females who conquered continents!

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Africa had and still has in certain parts of the continent ultimate strong females, i.e. women who were of equal physical strength as men! Examples are the female warriors Dahomey, The Amazons of the present day, Republic of Benin in West Africa, Queen Nzinga of Angola, Queen Amina of  Zazzua in present day Nigeria, the female warriors, Senegal and Ethiopia, Candice of Meroe, in ancient times, to name a few.

This is the reason, I would argue why we now live in the some of the materially choicest, largest and richest parts of the planet.  These female African warriors, of course fought hand to hand against men.  No where else on the planet has mankind ever known anything like it, except in Africa!

One could liken it to a multi billionaire that falls into poverty and bad times as at some point, as can happen.  Of course his enemies and even his friends who were intensely jealous of him will seize the opportunity to swoop on him and make the rest of his life a living hell.  The human race is millions of years old.

This is a fact, its been proven by science!  Humanly speaking, mankind today is the weakest, physically that we have ever been, I would argue.  We still have a sprinkling of strong women, but they have been in decline for some thousands of years.

You see them in present day African music videos, films and hear of African women who beat up their husbands.  This is nature as the African knows it, for all to see, it isn’t hidden.  In those days they must have played a significant role.

The Black African race is the parent of all other races, its completely impossible for us to be a paltry 6000 years old as the bible claims!  From ancient times people from all over the world sought knowledge from Africa, from Pythagoras, Herodotus and the Greeks.

I’m not just talking about Egypt.  Make no mistake about it, African Civilisation did not begin in Egypt.  It is the most documented, the most intact and well-known country in Africa, yes, but Civilisation in Africa must have begun much earlier.

We know most about Egypt at a time of its peak, and when the conquests began and finally when it was overrun by the Arabs in the 10 century AD.  There are other parts of Africa which are thought to be much older, such as, Ancient Nubia, Numibia,  the Ethiopian and Eritrean civilizations to name a few.   East Africa is thought to be the birth place of mankind probably, also civilisation on the continent.

There has been evidence of 12 foot wide statue heads of black centurions, and other stone monuments and artefacts found in The Americas and Asia, with clear African features.

My question is what else has been hidden?  Has the black African warrior females been mostly hidden, not only because they are only indigenous to Africa, but also because such a phenomena doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world?

This is just one aspect of African hugely exciting history.  However we can’t live in the past no matter how pleasant, or fantastic.  We have to use what we have, if we are to avoid being continually victimized, used and plundered of our resources.  We must reclaim our greatness.

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