Africans Should Be Content Creators, Podcasters and Digital Influencers

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Africans Should Be Content Creators, Podcasters and Digital Influencers
William Jackson, M.Ed., Zakaria Laajily (Morocco), Yousra Mounib (Morocco)
Twitter: @myquesttoteach, @Zakaria_lj, @yousramounib3

“If we are not speaking for ourselves or writing for ourselves, someone else
is going to describe who we are.”
Wole Soyinka

No longer can Africans be oblivious to the power and influences of their voices, no longer can Africans remain quiet about their rights as humans and the rights as human beings to be treated in a humanistic and ethical manner. The voice is a powerful tool

that contains both life and death.

The right of free and peaceful speech is an earned right because all men and women are created equal and even the children of these men and women have rights to be treated humanely. The first right of freedom of speech is one of the first things taken away by dictators, colonists and emperors. Past colonizers systematically captured and silenced those with the words of the people. They were the biggest threats, the voices of leaders and the responsibility of leadership demanded some one’s voice to be projected and used to express the frustrations, the fears,

the needs and the concerns of the people.

In today’s digital world, not too much has changed about this except that the rights of citizens are posted, planted, placed and populated on social media platforms. Digital platforms, tools, apps and places of engagement are abundant and vibrant with dialogue, discussion, disagreements and talk of unity. Collaborations are growing and cooperation to solve the human challenges that are faced from

day to day is real, relevant and righteous.

Technology is more than just Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Clubhouse, Instagram and other access points. The voice is the key element placed in content that is then digitally broadcasted to the

world. ‘’Africans, your most powerful gift is your voice”. Combined

with technology, you can change the world and create generational successes with your children and generations to come. Africans should be using Blogging, Podcasts and Audio influences to share their messages to the world. Achebe, Soyinka and other African writers, have created the path for the writer and now bloggers have a responsibility to continue. Using

Podcasting, Audio Apps and other tools to magnify their voices.

Do not allow the emperor to make false promises with illusionary speeches of prosperity when children, women and poor are suffering. African brothers and sisters tell your stories and share with the world. Use technology to help create the change you want to see in your

communities, cities, nation and on the African continent.

Social media engagements are more than visual numbers, there is more to it than analytical equations that signify people, there is more to it than just hits and views. Content is King, but Engagement is Queen. Africans are becoming more connected to their content and their engagement. Just listen to the rooms of Clubhouse and hear the passion, purpose and pride in discussions on culture, politics, health, and education. There are still passionate discussions on the effects of colonialism and the ramifications of social violence’s and there are still lingering mental health issues of apartheid and denial of human


Digital technologies are embedding themselves in the lifestyles of Africans across the continent. Africans are rapidly moving into the digital age that is embracing ideas that are changing the educational structure of students. The inclusiveness of technology is taking many Africans into the 21st century where they are connecting to the world. There is an estimated 10 million bloggers on the African continent. The power of these voices cannot be ignored either by governments or principalities.

(The State of Blogging (2005), Pew Internet & American Life Project).

Change in mentalities, goals, aspirations and traditions is influenced by technologies. In order to compete, Africans need to accept change and embrace the execution of productivity tools that are prevalent in the business and educational world. There is so much technology available for businesses and schools of secondary and higher education. The question is, are teachers and business leaders being taught the appropriate use of these technologies

that are becoming relevant in the business and educational world?

As STEAM Educators, my wife and I are seeing how the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are changing careers and even the need for R (Reading and Comprehension) are influencing knowledge. Our interns Zakaria (Morocco), Yousra (Morocco) are growing as digital influencers. Both are university students and learning to apply new digital skills for new business careers. Africans should be exposed to and using these technologies, if not they will be hindered and unprepared to do business on a global scale. The students in schools will graduate with unapplicable degrees that the world will laugh at because if African schools do not apply the correct educational tools and train their teachers effectively, their children will be un-employable and left behind in global industries,

commerce, business and moving forward as the world is doing.

Statistically, some sections of Africans are behind in technology applications and implementation (digital divide), professionally and educationally in different fields. The areas of reading (literacy/comprehension) are challenging parts for those that struggle, not to just read but comprehend (understand) what they read The old adage of.

“If you want to keep something secrete write it down”, is applied to those who do

not strive to increase their knowledge through reading and educational exploration.

Technology provides so many choices that there are endless ways to learn from and grow. The youth that Aida and I are mentoring, teaching, helping are future leaders in their respective communities. They are embracing education, experiences, engaging in networking by building their professional learning networks and engaging in their growing personal learning communities. Collaborations with organizations like One Africa Forum to build African youth, teens and young adults across Africa to be the future leaders Africa needs now. Zakaria (Twitter @Zakaria_lj) and Yousra (Twitter @yousramounib3) represent the growing Moroccans that see their future as bright, full of potential and endless opportunities to have bright and successful


The foundation of the Metaverse, Augmented Intelligence, Virtual Realities and Audio applications like Alexa and Google Voice are changing how we will interact with our technology. Buttons will not be pushed, dials will not be turned, it will be voice activated, facial recognition and scanning of the eyes. There is no limit to where tech will take us to. Africa is the foundation of life on this planet, there were higher learning centers and teaching using at that time technological wonders

before Europe and Asia could generate organized thoughts (in a simplistic manner).

Now some parts of Africa are playing catchup because of colonization, subjugation, violations of natural resources and the raping of the physical and intellectual abilities of Africans for hundreds of years. Scholars have been calling for years for Africans unity, co-existence, peace, collaboration and cooperation before the world ravages all the resources from Africa and nothing is left but a hollow and worthless shell. Only Africans through their combined and collaborative voice can make the necessary changes. Use technology to start conversations that need to be made and started on Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube channels, in Clubhouse rooms and embedded

in TikTok videos. Unity of Africa builds the strength of Africa.

William Jackson, Zakaria laajily and Yousra Mounib are content creators focusing on Africa and the 54 nations of the continent. They are digital innovators for their respective brands. My Quest To Teach – William, Zakaria and Yousra are developing their brands that will be announced soon. William, Zakaria and Yousra are contributors to One Africa Forum, Education Conference rooms on Clubhouse, and developing platforms providing conferences, workshops and trainings. They will be providing a Podcast supporting Morocco youth, teens and young adults soon as they develop their content, objectives and strategies for implementation.

Zakaria and Yousra are univeristy students.

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