Building the Next Generation of Content Creators in Africa

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Building the Next Generation of Content Creators in Africa
William Jackson, M.Ed. & Zakaria laajily
Twitter Sharing the content creation opportunties for youth, teens and young adults for content creation on “Africa On The Blog” is a wonderful resource for content creators, digital innovators, creatives, bloggers, video bloggers and those with

a passion to share their knowledge and passion about Africa.

The team of William Jackson (United States of America and Zakaria laajily (Morocco) will be sharing content that is educational, inspiring, building communities and crossing borders. To build thought leadership and mentoring opportunties for youth teens and young adults globally. There is so much potential in Africa, not just with its abundance of natural resources but the “Human Capital” that is available. African youth, teens and young adults should not be forgotten in the process of building an influential and better Africa in the future. Securing Africa not just as a continent that it’s resources can be ravaged, stolen and taken. Africa has amazing people of diversity, culture, generation and gender and historical significance. Every African can make a difference in building

an Africa that can help Africans live better lives.

The best resources are the minds of the youth, teens and young adults that are so diverse they represent the very fabric of our global world. Africans are living, growing, influencing and building educational opportunities in and out of the classrooms of Africa. The future of Africa is clear, to empower, encourage, educate and inspire each generation to be better than the next. To stand on the shoulders of Africans before them that have made Africa a global influencer. History does not want the world to know the past power of Africa and it tries to hide facts so that not even Africans can belief their continent is rich in people that traveled the oceans before the Europeans. Africa had higher education centers before Europeans had schools of any kind and Africans were traveling the

oceans long before Europeans understood the vastness of the waters around the world.

William and Zakaria can be found not only here on Africa On The Blog, but on the the sites of One Africa Forum. Their individual social media platforms building communities and providing content from their experiences in education as Zakaria is a student and

William is a professor.

They can be found contributing on One Africa Forum and sharing their content with newspapers and digital media across Africa. They are working hard to inspire the youth of Africa to see the value of education, the empowerment of learning and taking care of their communities. Africa is only as strong as its weakest nation and its progression to

building fair, peaceful and united communities.

Education is the key to Africa’s future. Allowing Africans to be the creatives, the Artists, the innovators of STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts Math. Not allow foreign countries to come into Africa and tell Africans how to teach African children based on foreign ideas and racists ideologies of what Africa should look like. African people need to be careful because foreign nations will make them believe that the

lands they own belong to others that do not look like then and will be taken away.

There needs to be the grow of digital infrastructures so African from the North can communicate, collaborate, unite and with African in the South. Africans in the East need to embrace their brothers and sister in the West to build roads, railways and

trading routes the strengthen partnerships, collaborations and friendships.

Morocco is helping to lead the way with partnership with other nations, establishing trade of merchandise and importantly with its scholars, innovators and business ventures. Young adults like Zakaria need opportunities to start businesses, to be the entrepreneurs nations like Morocco need. The youth, teens and young adults of all of African can propel Africa even into Space exploration and discovery if provided the opportunities. The other direction of exploring the oceans and seas

for natural resources in food, wind and air for energy.

William is a teacher of 33 years, teaching STEAM Education and Learning in public education and teaching with Florida State College of Jacksonville, Florida teaching Web 2.0 and Digital Media. William has been published on several digital platforms

in Africa with and and more.

Zakaria is a content creator working with William on the My Quest To Teach brand as he develops his own. As a university student he is preparing his future for the great works he will be contributing to his nation of Morocco. Zakaria can be found on these social platforms that share his developing skills, talents and abilities to inspire youth, teens and young adults across his beloved Morocco and the continent of Africa. The next event coming: Ghana Get Ready!!!! One Africa Forum, Ghana is coming in October 2021 William Jackson, Aida Correa-Jackson and Zakaria Laajily (Morocco) will be participating in the Ghana National Youth Conference October 2nd 2021. Businesses interested in providing sponsorships / inquires

contact at +233-54-858-1027 to talk to a One Africa Representative

William Jackson and Zakaria laajily are content creators focusing on Africa and the 54 nations of the continent. They are digital innovators for their respective brands. My Quest To Teach – William and Zakaria’s developing brand by that will be announced soon. William and Zakaria are contributors to One Africa Forum, Education Conference rooms on Clubhouse, and developing platforms providing conferences, workshops and trainings.

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