Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

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Africa is sometimes considered to be one of the world’s biggest crimes. A crime against humanity, Africans, and the black race. Until this thought is investigated, Africans might wander and wonder for centuries more. “How did we miss it?” we would ask for generations to come. Who better to help us navigate this question than Ekos, a Nigerian living in South Africa? This tug … [Read more…] about Book Review: The African Progress Initiative by Ekos Akpokabayen

first published on Viva-Naija I received an article as the Public Relations head and Editor for the Nigerian Lives Matter website. The writer alluded to his various reasons for xenophobia in South Africa. Talking about Nigerian drug cartels and Somalian kidnappers. He later followed it up with some interesting notes about how he has a lot of Nigerian friends who are … [Read more…] about There’s No Reason for Xenophobia in South Africa, Not Even Bad Governance!

Starting a business is hard. What could even be harder is starting an agriculture business in Africa. Africa has most of the world’s arable land yet we are home to some of the most undernourished communities. A starving Africa has been the image in media for years! Making Africa green is as important as making her rich. Starting businesses that would thrive require innovative … [Read more…] about African Echoes Invite: Maximising Africa’s Agribusiness potential through awareness and involvement

As the elections draw near, we sit by our TV screens, we sit with out phones in hand, we have our passports and tickets within reach. We also think, what if the airports are overbooked, what if there’s no way out than to run to Zimbabwe and Mozambique and the outskirts of South Africa. What if during the night, our deepest fears come true and the once oppressed South Africa … [Read more…] about Cyril Ramaphosa versus Malema, 2019 Elections: Politicizing Xenophobia in South Africa

As we all mourn the loss of Nigerians on the Ethiopian Airline including one of ours, Prof. Pius, we must understand the depth of these happenings. A lot of people want the Boeing Air carriers to be grounded all over Africa, we say it on social media but is it going to go beyond social media? China has already done this, when will Nigeria make an official statement on … [Read more…] about Ethiopian Airline Crash: The Death of Nigerian Born Pius Adesanmi, Aftermath.

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