Frailty thy name is woman

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January 4, 2013 By NqabaM


While studying Hamlet by William Shakespeare some eons ago, one of the quotes that stuck in my head and I was able to religiously recite it was “frailty thy name is woman”.

I have no idea why that quote stuck, I had no use for it, it did not mean anything to me, but it just stuck. In the play, Hamlet uses the phrase in anger after his mother’s hasty remarriage, only a month after his father’s death.

In recent days I have found myself thinking of those very words and saying to myself probably Shakespeare was right.

I just can’t believe the number of women in Zimbabwe who are being raped by bogus pastors and traditional healers, whose modus operandi is the same.

I am not blaming women for being raped, I think rape is the most hideous crime ever, but there comes a time when women should wise up and not fall to the same trick that these conniving healers use to con them time and again.

Take this preacher (I use the term loosely), for example, who said he wanted to pray for this woman. He told her the prayers were not going far because she was wearing shoes, in no time he had convinced her to remove all pieces of clothing and soon he was raping her.

In another similar case, this woman approached a traditional healer, complaining that she was having trouble conceiving. The cunning healer then told her to bring fat from a sheep, which she duly did.

They went to a secluded place and prayed for the fat and the healer said he had to insert it into the woman’s private parts with his fingers. Somehow he convinced her that his fingers were a bit short and he needed another “instrument” to use. And as they say, the rest is history.

In some cases the healers claim to be cleansing women from a plethora of social ills and the only way they can do that is through bedding them.

One pastor invited a family to his home, where he told them that God was against their marriage, all this being an elaborate ruse to get them to break up so he could get the woman into his bed.

There are many such examples and the trick is always the same.

Before the feminist lynch mob unleashes their whips on me, I am no way blaming the women for this ordeal but there comes a time when the womenfolk should not fall for this same trick all the time.

To add insult to injury most of these women do not report these cases to either their partners or the police.

In most cases such cases come to light after there is a detection of a sexually transmitted infection or some sort of thing like that. Would this not have happened, I guess the women would prefer to die with their secret.

In most cases social problems, like failure to conceive, accusations of witchcraft and poverty, are borne by the woman, but that does not mean they should close their eyes to schemes of lewd pastors and healers.

So these healers use religion as a cloak for their lustful behavior, but there comes a time when women and society should say enough is enough and put an end to all this.

Maybe Shakespeare was right after all, frailty thy name is woman.

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