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August 11, 2011 By specialguest

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This is a representation of a personal note I left on the Imo State blog this morning, having read through a series of negative comments on the approaching 100-day mark (he was elected 8th May 2011) of the Imo State Governor’s appointment.

Some people are getting agitated that after 100 days there are not many landmark changes on the horizon but there has been plenty of “grammar” (a Nigerian derogatory statement for “all talk and no action”.) Because of the many false dawns the citizens of Nigeria are quick to write off any new initiative or political dispensation as just another opportunity for “robbers” to chop the “national cake”.

I don’t know much about the Governor Rochas Okorocha but here is what I do know; “for evil to prevail good men do nothing” (Edmund Burke). Imo people need to give the man a chance; more importantly they need to give the man their support!

To paraphrase a once mighty western political leader (President Kennedy) Imo people would do well to remember “ask not what Imo can do for you, ask what you can do for Imo”. Good Imo citizens should take this Governor at face value and support his stated initiatives.

The Imo rescue mission campaign of His Excellency, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha, is a call to action to the citizens of Imo State, friends and well-wishers across the world to help create a better future.

The major focus areas of his policy thrust includes:

• Basic education • Secondary education • Tertiary education • Health care • Transportation • Water resources • Rural electrification/energy Policy • Welfare

• Agriculture & Natural Resources

With strong community involvement, we can continue to improve lives for Imo State children and families. Whether you are willing to do business – or visit or live in our State, you can make a difference in creating a better future. Share the word about our State and help promote our Imo rescue mission.

So I would ask the indigenous populace at home and in the diaspora, what can you do, how do you fit in, what is your expertise? I’m fed up of hearing Igbo people shouting “marginalization” out of one side of their faces and then “who are you” on the other. Nobody is going to help Imo but ourselves and it will start when we banish for ever the phrase “Igbo Man does not agree.”
I finish with a call to action. Let us agree we need to build Imo. Let us agree we can show Ndi Igbo a better way. Let us agree to get behind this young man as he endeavors to lead the way.

Governor Rochas Okorocha, move Imo forward!

Nze K. D. Akabusi MBE Chairman

OSUH Progressive Welfare Association (UK)

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