Maximising Africa’s Agribusiness potential through awareness and involvement

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Starting a business is hard. What could even be harder is starting an agriculture business in Africa. Africa has most of the world’s arable land yet we are home to some of the most undernourished communities. A starving Africa has been the image in media for years!

Making Africa green is as important as making her rich. Starting businesses that would thrive require innovative ideas, grit, and network. This is what Upside Africa hopes to achieve!

Upside Africa (UA) is an Organisation devoted to the growth and development of Africa and Africans, both on the continent and in the diaspora.

It’s Winter in Rosebank Johannesburg. The stage is set for the African Echoes – Agribusiness & AgriTech Series. The team is led by Brenda Apio Oca who is Global IT Business Relationship Manager, Agricultural Supply Chain Business in Africa at Cargill.

At the workshop, participants would have an opportunity to propose new and better ways to maximize Africa’s agribusiness potential. The importance of involvement and awareness cuts across Africans at home and in the diaspora. One of the ways to connect stakeholders is through networks, communities, and conversations. Bringing together experts from all over Africa would be the perfect opportunity to promote the riches voices and innovations across Africa.

Upside Africa places a priority on diversity, teamwork, and professionalism. Agriculture must play a significant role in order for large scale and sustainable economic transformation to occur across Africa. The continent finds itself in a disjointed situation, where on average it is a net food importer (approximately $ 35 Billion annually) and yet it has 65% of the world’s uncultivated arable land. The causes of the current situation range from uncoordinated policy alignment, failed implementation of initiatives across the region, lack of resources (e.g. financing, infrastructure, skilled human resources, etc.) and extreme weather patterns due to global warming, to name a few. While the situation may be complex, there is an energy, drive, and hopefulness that exists amongst Africans. Refusing to be left behind, entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, and communities have created solutions (products and services) that look to transform various parts of the agricultural value chains (both locally and internationally).

Upside Africa invites Agriprenuers and Agribusiness owners across the continent for this panel discussion. The resolutions of this panel will help policymakers and industry leaders make better decisions and implement sustainable strategies for the growth of Africa’s agriculture.

On the 6th of July 2019, 50 experts and professionals from across the globe will convene at Rosebank, South Africa for a panel round-table. The theme for this panel is Maximising Africa’s Agribusiness potential through awareness and involvement.

To be part of this panel, register here.

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