Ramifications of the Egyptian Coup

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July 30, 2013 By Nigel Mugamu

This morning I read this: –

‘The U.S. government will not determine formally whether Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi was removed from power in a coup on July 3 because “it is not in our national interest to make such a determination,” a senior administration official said Thursday’. 

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I recall when Morsi was removed from power and there was what seemed like discussions within the US borders about their final position regarding Egypt. Was it a coup or not? That was a simple question I thought until I understood the ramifications of defining the change of leadership and ultimately the government in Egypt. Weeks later and judging by the excerpt from the NBC website above, it seems a final decision is still to be made. That seems strange to me or maybe not.

The article goes on to say the following: –

“Egypt serves as a stabilizing pillar of regional peace and security and the United States has a national security interest in a stable and successful democratic transition in Egypt,” the senior official said. 

The United States provides $1.5 billion in military and economic aid to Egypt each year. If it were determined a coup took place, law stipulates the assistance should stop.

I turn our attention to my beloved Zimbabwe and the imminent elections. Let’s assume that this Independent article which stated that Tsvangirai is the running to win the elections is in fact correct. The country accepts the result and Tsvangirai becomes Zimbabwe’s President and subsequently commences his new role.

Let’s say 150 days or so after Tsvangirai takes office and the army as in the case Egyptian situation removes him from power for whatever reasons; one wonders how the US government would react then and ultimately how they would define that same ‘coup-like’ action if it took place in Zimbabwe?

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