Staying African whilst ill in the NHS

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June 5, 2011 By SadiaSisay

I have not written a post in a while and the reason is my Mother had a stroke on the 3rd January and life has changed since. Why am I saying this here if not for sympathy. Well after a lot of thought and a lot of questions from non Africans as to why my Mother’s illness was taking so much of my time I decided that it was relevant in this  forum as being African is why it has changed my life so much.

She is still in hospital as we have had so many complications but –

-She has a home cooked meal twice a day

-She is washed the way she is used to everyday

– Her skin is moisturised everyday

-She has food that she is used to and makes her interested in eating

-She feels at home with family banter around her as she is used to

-Her hair is sorted in the right way

-She wears clothes that are familiar to her

I could go on but all the above makes life hard but keeps my Mother African and Black even when ill! I on the other hand, have to justify why I spend so much time with my Mother to friends and colleagues who do not get it.

In this unexpected journey, I have witnessed other cultures doing similar to their families. I have thought how hard it would be for many people to do what I do. I work for myself so I can take the time (not easily but I can work till 3am if I need to to make up what is lost in the day).

Anyone out there who has this issue but cannot put in the time due to work pressures?

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