That a gay man is killed in my country is NOT acceptable!

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January 29, 2011 By IdaHorner

27th January 2011 will go down in history as a day when gloves came off for Lesbians and Gays in Uganda. For this is the day that David Kato a gay activist in Uganda lost his life on the hands of homophobic Ugandans.


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The issue of homosexuality has risen on the agenda in many African countries in the recent years, last year we heard about prosecutions in Malawi and Uganda’s proposed anti-gay bill in parliament but I never imagined that it would lead to the death of a human being.

Such was the shock amongst some Ugandans that one journalist @kasujja said this on Twitter

#DavidKato that a gay man is killed in my country is NOT acceptable. That mindless violence must be resisted by all Ugandans

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The investigation into David Kato’s death is supposedly under way but I very much doubt that anything will come of it. The Police have already put forward a theory that this is was a random killing and that there had been an increase in killings of this nature(using iron bars) and yes to be fair to the Police this is true to a certain extent as there was an appeal from the Police  to that effect whilst I was in Uganda  (23/11/10 to 10/1/2011).

This will make it near impossible for them to work out out whether this was a deliberate killing or a random attack after all this man as well 99 others had been outed as a gay man by The Rolling Stone newspaper who called for the hanging of Gay men  and had jsut won a high court judgment against the paper

Here in UK a Ugandan woman who fled Uganda in 2003 because of her sexual orientation has won a temporary reprieve


Where do we go from here?

Is this going to become the norm in Africa

What is the role of American Christian Democrats in all this?

The world has moved on, I grew up in a Uganda where I was not aware of of same sexual relationships and the first gay man I came across was my landlord in Fulham , should gay people in Uganda return to those days or is it best that they come out and be proud?

What about you as an African? What are your view about homosexuality?  And I mean REALLY!

over to you folks but in the words of @kasujja not in my name please

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