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April 14, 2011 By Minda Magero

BHF Magazine, initially in digital form and now available in print form, was launched in February 2007 by Nigerian couple Geoffrey and Jennifer Olisa. The magazine represents a contemporary African movement whose aim is to “shatter the narrow view of Africans that persists today, pinning down the continent of Sub-Saharan Africa as backwards, coarse and uncultured.”

BHF (Blessed and Highly Favored) Magazine is not alone in this mission. Numerous Africans all over the world, including us here at Africa on the Blog, are equally involved in this endeavor “to present an accurate view of what it truly means to be African by bringing to the forefront the modern, forward-thinking Africans.” BHF Magazine does this mainly through publishing African fashion, art, culture and ways of life.

Being a lover of beauty, the beauty of design and images is what caught my attention when I was first introduced to BHF Magazine by a friend. Many contemporary African fashion designers have been showcased in the magazine.  Writers, poets and other artists are also given voice through the magazine. You may enjoy some past issues of the digital magazine here and subscribe to get copies of current print issues here. You may also join the BHF network or the magazine’s Facebook page for more information on contemporary creative Africans.

I’m proud to be an African in the 21st century.

Image: BHF Magazine

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