The President and His Wages

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May 6, 2013 By Victoria

The other day I came upon a link a friend had posted on Facebook, supposedly showing what is believed to be DRC’s Joseph Kabila’s annual salary, as part of their “top 10 highest-paid political figures for 2013”. All throughout that day and the following day, the story on “People With Money” website stood as God’s honest truth. However by the weekend, the story had been changed and it came to light that the site is comical and writes satire.

Despite having read the new article stating the purpose of the website, I was still inclined to believe the story, truth be told.

For years it has been common knowledge that becoming an African nation’s leader is a sure and quick way to filling your pockets for generations to come. We can all name at least 5, if not a dozen, presidents whose bank accounts, in countries many have never heard of, are overfilled to the rims with questionable attained cash.

Upon reading both the “mockery” story and the following one correcting the previous one, I have to admit I wouldn’t put it past Kabila, or to be fair, any other African leader, to actually have a salary close to such an insane and repulsive amount!

What does that say about the state of the continent and her development? When a satire and mocking story can get people thinking the worst about our own? Speaking for myself, I would say it shows how deeply those who lead us have lost us and continue to do so while they are just busy with taking care of themselves and their friends. Having learned not to jump ahead of myself after having burned myself one too many times, I still couldn’t stop my mind from running from me and making its own conclusions.

It has long been a tradition for many of our leaders to seek not only political power but monetary power as well. So despite the “People With Money” story turning out to be a hoax, I am certain I wasn’t the only one whose mind actually could see this being true. And for that one single damning fact, I fear for the further development of our beloved Africa. Long gone are the ideological leaders who put their nations, its people and its development ahead of their own innings.

So Kabila doesn’t pocket as much as the purportedly $75 million. Good on him. However I’m sure he’s not doing too badly on whatever he may be earning.

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