The referendum is over, now what?

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August 14, 2010 By Andrew Maina

Well, it seems the vote went of without much of a hitch. As results are finalised and announced. A resounding endorsement of a draft constitution that promises a lot, yet can it deliver. The praises have been coming in from all corners. Even some dubious characters are claiming credit for the achievement. They know themselves, so I will not name them here. 2008 seems a distant memory now. The big question is what happens now.

There is a long shopping list of legislation that is needed and asked for to make this draft fully functional, and save for any hitches, it will take up to five years to get this done. A vetting process that will see all high court and appellate judges scrutinised before resuming work and redrawing of constituencies to cater for the additional eighty national assembly constituencies. That being just what is already spelt out in the draft.

Then there is the unwritten stuff. Will the current political divisions become the platforms for the next general elections in 2012? What becomes of the organizations that lined themselves up against the draft? what do the local clergy say to their respective flocks now? However, most importantly, how do we now move on a single nation? These are just a few challenges that Kenyans face over the next few years. Hopefully, as was the case with the referendum process, well will not allow side shows to distract from the issues.


Funnily enough, now that a peaceful and credible vote has been conducted in a Sub-Saharan African country, a rarerity still in this day and age, the international press does not seem bothered. Who says a man biting a dog is news always headline news!

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