What is STEAM and Why It Needs to be in KidsCamp

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KidsCamp Orlando 2018

Organizers William Jackson and Aida Correa

What is STEAM and Why It Needs to be in KidsCamp By William Jackson, M.Edu KidsCamp Organizer, Speaker, Advocate, Blogger The world is constantly changing, technology is here to stay and grows more integrated in our lives. The pervasiveness can be seen when children as toddlers are walking with devices even when they struggle to walk in straight lines. Educational initiatives begin to train children for the future, careers not even invented yet, encouraging creative thought, complex reasoning and fun that is incorporated into classwork. Project based learning is a growing part of school curriculum’s and kids are seen more as student sign-ins not as individuals. There are trade-offs from teacher lead instruction to teacher/ learning facilitator. There is an ever forming progressing transformative paradigm shift in how teachers teach even

the basics of educational foundations. Tech is in the education business.

Children, youth, teens and young adults are being exposed to more and more tech that allows them to have open communication, collaboration and cooperative learning. There are growing projects, individual projects and cross curricular projects. Designed to build skills in students they will

need even before they need them.

The integration of technology will prepare children to solve complex problems that will  challenge our ability to function in an ever shifting world. The earth is much smaller because of digital communication, satellites that use infrared, radar and microwave technologies to survey millions of miles of land, sonar technologies that can “see” in the deepest of oceans and seas. The same satellites that have their digital “eyes” aimed at deep space and even new technology that can detect movement of animals and intricate weather


What is changing are WordCamp conferences, opportunities for those in the “open source” community to come together to share content, wisdom, resources and information. WordCamp welcomes “adults” who have a passion, purpose and are intrigued by this WordPress environment that manages to run a growing 40% of the web. The other part of these dynamic conferences involve youth, teens and

young adults that also share a common interest that is just as important as adults.

WordPress is empowering millions with the tools to build digital communities that are called PLC or PLN in academia. Professional Learning Communities or Professional Learning Networks. A teacher of over 30 years and KidsCamp Organizer William Jackson says, there are many acronyms that identify educational terms. The key is to apply terms to student learning that works, not just using fancy words that mean

nothing. There should always be “teachable moments.”

KidsCamp a growing part of WordCamp conferences are “teachable moments.” Incorporating STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts Math/Music are an easy fit because of the dynamic combination of tools that make for content that is an extension of the creator. Kids love to create so incorporating STEAM into KidsCamp by William Jackson and Aida Correa, KidsCamp Organizers for WordCamp Orlando

2018 and WordCamp Jacksonville 2019.

There is a new / advanced way of thinking, kids brains need creativity, inspiration and innovative ways to learn and apply that learning. STEAM allows for a fun and innovative way to incorporate learning and fun together. The artistic development and scientific techniques are complimentary that once where separated. The  merger of STEAM and web development is here and can be seen migrating from academics to technology to business. Because of this youth, teens and young adults begin to engage in creative, critical and higher order thinking. Innovation is encouraged and expected, supported by adults that themselves have embraced “The Arts” as part of a  collaborative and cooperative learning push that KidsCamp can use to inspire a new generation of web developers, coders, graphic designers, Artists, programmers, thought leaders,

entrepreneurs and sole-preneurs.

The future of WordPress is based on each child, youth, teen and young adult that begins to see new ways it can be applied and added to the collective of solving problems that humans will be challenged to address even in web development. There is space in the “open source community” for everyone to contribute. The inclusiveness of and acceptance of gender, lifestyle, culture and color is what creates

a society of growth and the beauty of humanity.

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019 https://2019.jacksonville.wordcamp.org/ KidsCamp Organizers – William Jackson (My Quest To Teach – #MyQuestToTeach)

Aida Correa (Love Built Life – #LoveBuiltLife)

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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