When Will Tesco Stock Microwave Jollof Rice?

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August 16, 2010 By specialguest

As a woman, the most difficult part of my living abroad was when I was pregnant. Unfortunately for me I craved Nigerian food. Even though we lived in a very cosmopolitan town, it was far from any well-stocked ethnic food shops you’d find in Dalston or Brixton. Even then, any Nigerian will tell you that Agbalumo is not a fruit you can find easily even in Nigeria itself. It’s a very seasonal fruit mostly available at the beginning of the year. I love the stuff!

My husband was really fortunate that of all the things I craved Agbalumo was not one of them. However, I craved anything spicy so the likes of Egusi (melon soup) and Efo Riro (vegetable soup) were very welcome. So, at weekends he would try to whip some up. Of course by Wednesday, it would all be history. For comfort, we would go shopping at Tesco and even though I’d come across a much loved meal like Moussaka and a Nigerian treat like Super Malt, I often wished there was packaged Jollof Rice.

I hope someone somewhere is already thinking of this. And please if you have come across some do let me know. I was speaking to a pregnant friend recently and she also mentioned just being able to pick up a pack of egusi soup in a store as she lives in a really small town and has to travel 3 hours into London before she can get her hands on Nigerian groceries.

I think the best deal of all would be to get some home delivered though. I welcome whichever comes first. By the way, I found Agbalumo listed as one of the 111 Fruits to Eat Before You Die. Be sure to add it to your to-do list when you’re travelling to Nigeria.

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