WordCamp Conferences Embracing Digital Diversities In People of Color and Culture 

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WordCamp Conferences Embracing Digital Diversities In People of Color and Culture

WordCamp conferences are just the tip of the digital iceberg with WordPress… Providing speakers, influencers, educators and artists a platform to share their experiences, their knowledge and even

their successes and struggles.

Aida Correa- Jackson – LoveBuilt Life, LLC

Aida Correa-Jackson (LoveBuilt Life, LLC) and William Jackson (My Quest to Teach) share their experiences as a married couple, as professional educators, parents, grandparents and business owners. Involved in their community and as members of the Church of Christ sharing that Christians can use social media

and technology in evangelism and discipleship.

William Jackson, My Quest to Teach

Being Afro-Latina (Aida), author, artist, professor and African American (William) educator, speaker, blogger and as husband and wife in careers that sometimes are not kind to people of color and those married and Christian. There is change going on, but challenges are still present for Christians, Hispanics and

African Americans.

WordPress accepts them all, sometimes in other worlds of business this is not true, WP allows open and honest discussions about life, because life is what we are about in the world of digital business and entrepreneurism. Even in ministry as ministries are streaming their services,

bible studies and using digital for discipleship.

The diversity of WordCamp opens opportunties for people of color, culture, generation, age and ethnicity to inspire others to explore digital careers that build entrepreneurial and business visibility. Visibility is key because businesses are in business to make money to be successful and to build a unique and impressive Brand. Aida’s brand is LoveBuilt Life, LLC living life more abundantly and happily, William’s brand is My Quest to Teach, using technology, higher order thinking, critical thinking and social media to

make positive connections.

Working together Aida and William use STEM, STEAM and STREAM to build the digital skills of youth, teens and young adults. Schools are now facing challenges because many have waited to late to train their teachers to be digital facilitators not just educators. The pandemic is making changes that demand a different a way of thinking. WordPress has already made necessary changes

to meet the challenges of a pandemic world.

WordPress now has 40% presence in digital web development making transformative changes of diversity, inclusivity and opening doors in digital companies. Youth, teens and young adults are involved in the WP community because even at a young age they need to be  prepared to be digital

leaders and influencers.

Aida can be heard here on WordPress TV
Web site https://lovebuiltlife.com/

William can be heard here on WordPress TV
Web site https://myquesttoteach.com/

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William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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