WordCamp Philly Panel Discussion with Code Differently

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WordCamp Philly Panel Discussion with Code Differently
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Bianca – Code Differently

WordCamp Philly https://philadelphia.wordcamp.org/2020/ held it’s conference virtually this year because of the pandemic. All technology conferences have moved online globally including

those that host youth, teens and  young adults.

This did not dampen the importance of the panel discussion on
“Code Differently” https://www.facebook.com/codedifferently/ a program that exposes youth, teens and young adults to coding and web development based on the WordPress platform that manages 38% of all web sites globally. The Coding Differently

Panel https://philadelphia.wordcamp.org/2020/
session/code-differently-learning-wordpress/  represented young

adults that are creative, innovative and represented that many times young adults of color and culture are  not exposed to

learning opportunities in technology.

Code Differently – WordCamp Philly

The wonderful thing about this program based in the state of Delaware is that it works with young people that are in under-represented and underserved communities of Black, Brown and Hispanic backgrounds that are less likely to be exposed to careers in web development, graphic design, coding and entrepreneurial areas, similar to the demographics Jacksonville’s

Black, Brown and Hispanic communities face.

Future careers are headed in coding, web development and graphic design. Technology statistics from the Department of Labor shares that 80% of future careers even those not created yet will have some element of STEM, STEAM, STREAM and coding. Youth of all cultures must have access to learning in STREAM areas of Science Technology

Reading Engineering Arts Math.

Lower left is William Jackson

The panel moderated by William Jackson a teacher with Duval County Public School System teaching STEM at Twin Lakes Academy Middle School and the instructor of the Code Differently program instructor Courtney Richardson a certified WordPress instructor along with the students that participated

in Code Differently: Learning WordPress: Bianca Ross,

Raven Brooks, Lizbeth Guadarrama, Kahliel Nichols, DJ

(Leweldon) Wright.

They shared their experiences expressing that young adults of all backgrounds need to be exposed to STREAM and areas of coding and web design. Shared by Kahliel a college freshman, parents should encourage their children to attend workshops to learn coding and web development and conferences like WordCamp and KidsCamp to learn how to network and meet


Black, Brown and Hispanic youth cannot wait until high school to start learning, they need to be exposed in elementary and

middle school. DJ a 11th grader said he faced challenges in the

program because of his lack of knowledge and exposure to careers in technology, this is a vital program for Black and Brown boys and girls because it helps them gain a better education and

create better career options for the future.

Lezbeth – Code Differently

The young ladies of the group Raven, Lizbeth and Bianca shared similar expressions for girls that are Black, Brown and Hispanic should look at careers also in web development, graphic design and coding because of the chances to have their own businesses and to be better able to support themselves and establish financial security by going back to school for

advanced degrees.

The young people on the panel graduated high school and are
attending college except for DJ, he is in the 11th grade and does plan to attend college in an area of computer science. DJ stated if it was not for the Code Differently program he may not have

considered attending college and majoring in computer science.

This program has changed his life and can change the live of other Black, Brown and Hispanic youth. Business motivation and inspiration was provided from watching videos of WordCamp speakers like local Jacksonville resident Aid Correa, LoveBuilt Life, LLC, author, artist and speaker locally, nationally and internationally;

LoveBuiltLife, LLC

Aida Correa 2019

Her presentation “A Seat at the Table” is recognized and respected across the WordPress community.


In Jacksonville, Florida Magnet schools that have similar educational programs, the youth, teens and young adults would benefit greatly if there were community based programs that teach these important areas and paid the youth and young adults to attend as is done in the Code Differently program. More needs to be done outside of the classroom and in the communities for Black, Brown and Hispanic areas, just as in the movie “Black Panther” youth, teens and

young adults are the future innovators and creators.

Their talents, skills and dreams must be respected and provided a foundation to build on. WordPress Central where WordCamp conferences are listed globally

https://central.wordcamp.org/ parents are encouraged to

allow their children to attend and even attend themselves.

The pandemic has shown that technology knowledge is important to function in a world of digital change, social media tools and platforms and the development of voice technologies from companies like Create My Voice that provides the ability for blogs to be read.


Create My Voice

The continuous changes, adaptations, modifications and development of technology requires constant learning and digital innovation. WordCamp, KidsCamp and the WordPress Meetups virtually are there to support business

and personal growth.

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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