Zimbabwe: Prime Minister Tsvangirai, the gift that keeps on giving

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September 21, 2012 By NqabaM

Morgan Tsvangirai wedding photo

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Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai last week finally wedded his lover, Elizabeth Macheka, but the marriage was blighted by a series of court cases, as some women tried to stop the nuptials.

No doubt Tsvangirai would have preferred a “white wedding” under the Marriage Act, but he had to settle for a marriage under the less fashionable Customary Law, as an ex-flame had won an interdict to stop the marriage.

I am not going to go into details on the premier’s love life, but I think it is high time Tsvangirai took responsibility for his actions.

While us, mere mortals take responsibility for our faults, Tsvangirai has for long blamed unseen, unknown and sometimes imaginary people for his shortcomings.

Tsvangirai has not denied, publicly at least, his affairs with a string of women, but yet when those women come for what they believe he promised them, the Prime Minister suddenly claims it is the work of his opponents.

The Prime Minister has not denied that he had several trysts with a South African woman; a man sought divorce from his wife, claiming that she had an affair with the Prime Minister, but he has not said anything.

Tsvangirai has also been accused of failing get a birth certificate for his child, whom he fathered with a 22 year old lass, his mumbled response did not help his cause, as again he failed to take responsibility for his actions.

What is more striking is that all the women accuse the Prime Minister of being fond of unprotected sex. As a political leader, he should know better than engage in unprotected sex, in a country with some of the world’s highest HIV and Aids prevalence rates.

Tsvangirai’s explanation for his randy behaviour borders on the bizarre. He claims that, like a spirit of the dead, he was hopping from one person to the next, until he got to the right person.

While it is undeniable that there are forces at play out to tarnish Tsvangirai’s political image, it is also undeniable that these same forces must think that the premier is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Tsvangirai may get away with claims that all his faults are the responsibility of his political enemies, but at some stage he must take responsibility.

Sex scandals are not uncommon in Zimbabwe and can hardly be defined as politically defining, but Tsvangirai must be careful, such scandals may reverse all he has fought for in the past decade.

His supporters and advisers alike, hardly take kindly to criticism on the false belief that Tsvangirai is infallible, but sooner or later they might just be shocked at the extent at which his actions might prove costly (not fatal) to his political ambitions.

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