Zimbabwean Designers launch at luxury London retailer!

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April 9, 2012 By Freedes

In my last post, I mentioned we could have a new brand which could give the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chloe and Prada a run for their money. This new luxury ethical brand has established itself as “that shop with the great leather bags” within only a few months of opening its doors.

Danaqa and the other blue door

I am talking about Danaqa World Chic, based in Notthing Hill. What is great about them? What I love most about Danaqa is their dedication to working mostly with women led businesses in developing countries across Asia and Africa. Their latest additions are from two wonderful ladies based in Zimbabwe who have designed specifically for the Danaqa brand; a jeweller, whose passion and vision is to create wearable art, and a leather handbag designer whose creations are mostly inspired by traditional art, culture and materials that are locally available.

Taona by Mona Ceramic Jewellery

The first artist is actually a dear friend of mine that I met 8 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Mona Nduku established Taona by Mona Ceramic Jewellery in 2010. A graduate from the Gemmological Institute of America with a Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing Arts, Mona is absolutely passionate about using locally sourced products to produce world class creations that she hopes one day will change people’s lives by creating jobs in designing, manufacturing and marketing in her beloved Zimbabwe.

Carefully painting each ceramic bead

And her pieces are very unique as she has used dainty ceramic beads instead of semi precious stones which gives her the freedom to design in all shapes, colours and sizes. She sent me photos throughout her production process.

Taona design process

On changing peoples lives and job creation Mona says,

I believe that one of the ways I can do that is by teaching the skills that I have learnt over the past 16 years in both manufacturing and retail of jewellery. All the products that we use are found locally and all our products are handmade giving the products more durability and quality.

Taona by Mona design process

Mona has created some wearable art with meaning, even with the name of her business, she adds,

TAONA means “ENLIGHTENED”. I believe that people with skills they are passionate about and have made a living from have been given those gifts to enlighten and change the community around them.

Her introductory range is available now at Danaqa, but you will need to hurry as there are only 12 pieces left for grabs.

Suede lined Danaqa satchel by Bet M. Alem

The next designer launching at Danaqa is Betty Attfield, founder director of Bet M. Alem luxury leather bags. Danaqa said this about Betty when her Bet M. Alem creations for Danaqa came in,

Bet M. Alem loves mixing classic, sophisticated design with the personality that Africa offers. Mixing traditional African cloths with rich, luxurious leather Bet M. Alem’s bags are as wonderfully contrasting as Zimbabwe, the country where the pieces are made. Bet M. Alem are the creations of a young, African designer, that utilised all of the resources around, whilst providing training, employment and skill in a country that is in desperate need for all of those resources.

Betty started designing Bet M. Alem products in October 2006 and has experience from the Spanish, Vietnamese and Nigerian markets where she lived previously. It is no wonder with all her experience that Betty has designed one of Danaqa’s first logo branded bags.

Flap Danaqa Logo Leather bag by Bet M. Alem

She is now based in Harare, Zimbabwe

where I continue producing Bet M. Alem products with skilled crafts people who had lost their jobs when big factories closed due to the economic melt down in Zimbabwe.  The country’s unemployment rate remains very high at a staggering 70%.

What inspires her designs? Betty says

My products are mostly inspired by traditional art, culture and materials that are locally available.

African Cloth Shoulder Bag by Bet M. Alem only at Danaqa

As you get an intimate look at her designs, and if you have a true eye for the diversity that African design brings, you will find not only Zimbabwean influence, but accents of Ethiopian and East African culture within her designs.

Now I will not tell you again to hurry, Bet M. Alem for Danaqa bags are selling fast and the last I checked (this past Sunday), there were only 9 bags left!

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