Blacks and Africans In Technology Talk with William Jackson

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Blacks and Africans In Technology Talk with William Jackson

#BITTechTalk Episode #39 with William Jackson from 2011 Sharing digital thoughts, ideas, concepts, preditions, what parents need to be doing to protect their children and prepare their children for careers in tech…..

In this episode of the Blacks In Technology podcast, Greg talks with techie/educator/blerd/content creator/ blogger… William Jackson is a educator of 33 years teaching STEAM

and a past Health and Physical Educator……….

He is a graduate of South Carolina State University (Bachelors) Webster University (Masters)………… and attended University of Central and University of South Florida studying the design concepts, implementation of the Internet into


He has taught at Edward Waters College (now University), teaching in the education department a program he created. Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM Florida State College of Jacksonville, Florida Digital Media and Web 2.0 St. Johns Community College (now St. Johns State College)

Introducation to Computers…………

William is the founder of the Brand and the site My Quest To Teach – formerly JETI – Jackson Educational Technology Instruction

He is the founder of the Podcast – My Quest to Teach and

Digital Evangelism –

Celebrating my Spotfy successes

He and his wife (Afro-Latina) Aida Correa-Jackson are both nationally and globally recogized speakers with WordPress.

William –

Aida –

The are accompanied by their interns from Morocco Zakaria Laajily and Yousra Mounib as they produce, create, build, design, innovate content. They are the creators

of the room

Twitter connect with them…. Follow William on Twitter: @myquesttoteach Follow Aida on Twitter: @lovebuiltlife Follow Zakaria on Twitter: @Zakaria_lj

Follow Yousra on Twitter: @yousramounib3

Clubhouse connect with them…. William – @myquestoteach Aida – @lovebuiltlife Mondays at 10pm EST Education Conference Room

Hiring us for STEAM workshops….
The XSTREAM TEAM Interested in hiring us for your: EDUs, NGOs, SDGs, Ministry, Not for Profit, Libraries, Youth Centers, Community Centers, etc. Contact us through the web site or email:

[email protected]

William and Aida Jackson (United States), Zakaria Laajily and Yousra Mounib (both of Morocco) are content creators focusing on Africa and the 54 nations of the continent. They are digital innovators for their respective developing brands and interns with My Quest To Teach. My Quest To Teach – William, Zakaria and Yousra are developing their brands that will be announced soon in 2022. Sharing the technology skills of Africans, especially young adults of Morocco. William, Aida, Zakaria and Yousra are contributors to One Africa Forum, Education Conference rooms on Clubhouse. Zakaria and Yousra are contributing and volunteering with One Africa Forum and developing platforms providing conferences, workshops and trainings. They will be providing a Podcast supporting Morocco youth, teens and young adults soon as they develop their content, objectives and strategies for implementation. They are both university students with a passion for doing work in their beloved Morocco and sharing their voices as they grow in their skills, talents and abilities as content creators, students and developing influencers on the African continent and as Moroccans.

Zakaria and Yousra are the major contributors of Africa On The Blog and posting content weekly.

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