“How to use your voice to create change during a Pandemic”

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“How to use your voice to create change during a Pandemic”
William Jackson, M.Ed. – My Quest To TeachWordPress Lagos, Nigeria Meetup

Speaking at the WordPress Lagos, Nigeria Meetup in 2021was such an honor. To be recognized internationally as acontent creator, influencer and STEAMM educator. Thecourse of STEAMM Education and Learning iS forever

changed because of the Metaverse.

Science Technology Engineering Art Math Metaversehave integrated themselves in to the fiber of Web 2.0,

Web3.0 and Digital Currencies.

Looking forward to the future works that allow the flexibilityto build communities and unify people with a common goalof educating the world to the richness of digital collaborationsand cooperation. Inspiring youth, teens, and young adultsin the creation of NFTs and how their futures are changingeven before they are there.


Up early, early to travel virtually to Africa as the growth andvalue of technology grows. Visionaries like Mary Job and theLagos WordPress Community are setting the stage for future

growth for African content creators of all types.

The topic of using your voice for change during the pandemic!

“Collaborate not compete to expand your reach globallythrough technology.” #WordPressAfrica #wordpress

#community #WordCampLagos

Virtually traveling to Nigeria and South Africa has been wonderfuland amazing. Teaching with the diverse communities across thisamazing continent and realizing that history is not kind to Africa in

its respect, understanding and beauty. The opportunity to speak on 

One Africa Forum as well creating a Master Class in Blogging thathelps youth, teens and young adults in their presence and purpose.

The opportunities across Africa are amazing and plenty.

Africa is expanding its influence on digital platforms that are

growing globally and empowering businesses, organizations, NGOs
and SDGS. Nigeria alone has over 30 million Twitter users and content

creation it at its highest. The expansion of Smartphones is enabling

Africans a chance to connect over distances, time zones, cultural

differences and even economic differences. Everyone has options,

opportunities and openings to expand.

Wifi is growing as satellite technology is easier and available soaccess can connect continuously. African businessesand educational institutions can provide increased contentand resources. Now Africans are not limited to slow bandwidth,limited by distances and connections moments.

Check out the WP Lagos Nigeria Group and get involved either with

this group or the other awesome groups like WordCamp Jinja Uganda.

WordCamp Jinja will be held September 1 & 2 2022 at

https://jinja.wordcamp.org/  and the first ever WordCamp Spatial

Jinja Spatial Gallery:


WordPress Meetup Group Lagos, Nigeria

William Jackson (United States) is a Digital Innovator, Digital Evangelist and Content Creator. Sharing technology skills across Africa, especially with young Africans across the continent. William is a contributor to One Africa Forum, Nigerian Development HUB, Africa.com and Modern Ghana as a

respected columnist. A speaker for WordCamp and WordPress conferences.

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