African and Over 50 Silver Surfers Growing

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African and Over 50  Silver Surfers Growing
William Jackson, M.Ed. WordCamp Blogger, Volunteer, Speaker, Organizer


The Silver Surfers of the digital age are growing at a tremendous rate, creating Facebook profiles, Micro-blogging on Twitter, Instagramming their photos, creating YouTube Channels and just a little bit of SnapChat. “Silver Surfers” are online actively engaged across the blogosphere sharing their experiences, knowledge, stories, wisdom and even humor. They are talking about their lives in the present and the past, they are talking about sex, relationships, gout, childcare as grandparents and even taking care of their adult children as these children deal

with unemployment and social challenges.

Digital communication is the way they stay connected to the world and family and friends. The Internet contains continuous developing platforms for those 50 years and older to digitally travel locally, nationally and internationally. Silvers are learning that in order to stay connected to their grandchildren they need to learn now to connect with them to “see” what their children’s children are up to online. Using Apps are the

tool of choice to interact and be engaging.

Missing birthdays, family celebrations, special occasions and other events and activities is not a good feeling when there is limited mobility and age begins to determine traveling mobility or not. Digitally connected can bring engagement and build networks that keep family connected and in the know to what family and friends

are doing.

Using applications that allow Face to Face communication, video recording, and audio Chat helps in keeping connected and aware as each generation gets older and older. Age does not stop discovery, creativity exploration and being curious. Age embraces the quest of more knowledge and this keeps the brain youthful, creative and


When cars are connected with Wifi, restaurants have free access, and even connectivity is available in bathrooms being connected is not a challenge. Silver Surfers are asking several questions when they go traveling; Where are the restrooms and what is the Wifi code…. Libraries provide sometimes unlimited digital connections and access points to tools, platforms and Apps that Silver Surfers are mastering

in use.

Silver Surfers are building their own networks that create growing communities and societies that are digital. Learning the acronyms of PLC – Professional Learning Communities and building PLN – Professional Learning Networks. Social Media consultants, bloggers and speakers at WordCamp conferences William Jackson 57 and Aida Correa 51 speak at conferences locally in Jacksonville, nationally with WordCamp even internationally in Central America and Canada. Being past the half century mark is not a deterrent to learning

and growth.

The increased presence of Silver Surfers that are Bloggers, PodCasters, Instagrammers, VBloggers, MicroBloggers and the diversity of content creators is represented by those that are

50 years and over.

The dictionary defines Silver Surfers as: noun “an elderly person who is a regular or enthusiastic Internet user. The word elderly will be argued because those Silvers are determined in their quest to show seniors are growing influencers. William and Aida are FORD VIP Bloggers, showing that their knowledge and spending potential

do make a difference in commerce.

The dynamics are changing with dictionaries defining the Silver Surfers influence in an age of digital transformation and growth. As seniors enter into the Silver years of their lives they are a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and resources that are untapped

for younger generations.

The Internet and associated tools helps to connect families with Silver parents, grandparents and other family members. Keeping hearts and minds active, engaged and youthful. When the mind is

youthful the spirits and body follow.

The integration of smart, intelligent, intuitive, comprehensive and AI elements benefits Silvers using technology. The bridging of generations is seen online and in the gaming world. Youth, teens, young adults and Silver Surfers are starting a new era in collaboration and connections with tech as the bridge between generations and


William Jackson and Aida Correa are business owners, Bloggers, Microbloggers, Instagrammers, Digital Innovators and partnering with several community organizations address the combining of

STEAM and Web Development.

Their respective hashtags are My Quest To Teach and Love Built Life

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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