African Blogging Master Class by One Africa Forum for African Youth

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African Blogging Master Class by One Africa Forum for African YouthProf. William Jackson, M.Ed.
The availability of Master Classes for African youth, teens, and young adults in technology, the arts, business, and commerce are happening. There are many doors for online engagement, professional development, and forums for networking locally, nationally, and internationally are happening virtually

and for FREE.

The opportunties being provided are from the collaboration of One Africa Forum run by Edoseghe Prince Erhahon, South Africa

( and Florida Educator and Artist

William and Adia Jackson of My Quest to Teach and Love Built Life,  LLC respectively are working in collaboration with One Africa Forum to provide the first of many Master Classes for African youth, teens and young adults. Their intern Zakaria laajily (Morocco) has made an influence in just the short months participating in conferences, speaking to young Africans about the best

uses and strategies for Blogging and Social Media Branding.

One Africa Forum, this is part of the Y3DG mission to educate 30 million Africans and raise 17 million young leaders, some of whom would already be occupying various positions across the continent by the end of this decade. These African historic educational and professional development classes are in accord to the vision of One Africa Forum that has been holding webinars, workshops and conferences with the Jackson’s starting in January 2021, they are virtual to engage, empower,  educate and inspire youth, teens and young

adults across the continent.

William and Aida Jackson have a combined knowledge over 50 years in Education, Arts, and diverse areas of technology and STEAM Education and Learning. They are the XSTREAM TEAM that teaches, organizes, and mentors, youth, teens and

young adults globally

Achieving the goals of the One Africa Forum is only possible through strategic and meaningful collaborations, partnerships with the best resources available across the continent and the world. Those individuals and groups that have a passion for building African leaders, visionaries, and innovators of technology.

The mission of the OAF: Organized bodies and individuals with the vested

interest in Africa’s unity, development and absolute independence anchored
on dignity, peace, and freedom. We are reformers, change agents, lobbyists,
activists, policymakers, diplomats, and influencers.

Africa’s best natural resources are its youth, teens and young adults that share a love of their communities, their cities, villages, nations, and the continent as a whole. Hundreds of years the African continent has been ravaged by others

taking the natural resources, but not giving back to Africa.

The authors and developers of One Africa Forum are willing and able to empower the future leaders, visionaries and innovators that will guide African people and their businesses, industries, schools, governmental offices and more so the continent of Africa can be self-sufficient and grow respectfully in the directions it is supposed to with Africans in the lead. More information on registering and attending can be gained from the Facebook site:

William Jackson and Zakaria laajily are content creators focusing on Africa and the 54 nations of the continent. They are digital innovators for their respective brands. My Quest To Teach – William and Zakaria’s developing brand by that will be announced soon. William and Zakaria are contributors to One Africa Forum, Education Conference rooms on Clubhouse, and developing platforms providing conferences, workshops and trainings.

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