Church of Christ – Social Media and Evangelism

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Church of Christ – Social Media and Evangelism

Church of Christ ministries must implement a social media planthat is strategic, engaged, involved and even addresses gender,generation, cultural and language differences.Many Church of Christ ministries have teams setup that are bilingualor multilingual because of the transitory nature of families in today’seconomy. Research groups like PEW Research are seeing that 65percent of Americans are searching for spiritual information on theInternet. Information can also be broken down culturally, by gender andgenerationally to address spiritual needs.Because of this access to diverse information of Church of Christ ministriesare not looking at their data they are missing key opportunities to pull innew members to bring them into the Body of Christ. Providing uniqueservices in relation to evangelism, outreach, educational resources andeven holistic education.When we read the Book of Acts Christians worked together to supportthe poor, the homeless, the divorced, widowed and disenchanted. Itwas not easy, they were lead by the Holy Spirit, let us remember thatthese were not “learned men and women,” they allowed the HolySpirit to guide them, this means they were obedient and willfully gavethemselves to  Christ.When the youth, teens and young adults saw the works that were beingdone they were inspired at a young age to be Christians and continue todo the works of their parents, neighbors and friends. This needs to betransferable even today, the church has a responsibility to guide theyouth because of all the distractions in the world that seek to blindyouth, teens and young adults to the truth.Visibility is key to draw youth, teens and young adults need to be involvedin ministry. The role of technology is to “apply” learning to real worldlife and living as a Christian. Adults need to show that it is cool to be“saved” it is cool to be a Christian and provides a home for everyone.The value of having technology managed strategically and methods ofsharing the gospel can be accomplished online. 2020 begins a decadeof change in the application, implementation, execution and even themanipulation of digital content.The use of social media platforms effectiveness can be seen againunfortunately with the attack on the Capital Building in Washington,D.C., the ability to even track down those that committed crimes andinvolved in unlawful events.Teaching congregations that technology can be applied to build theChurch of Christ and building the Body of Christ through sharedcontent that inspires, informs and encourages. My wife and I have foryears taught about the use of technology before we were membersof the Body of Christ, how youth, teens and young adults can useblogging, microblogging, video blogging, podcasting and otherresources to build relationships based on Christian believes andas followers of Christ. Our wedding was broadcast on our churchsite San Jose Church of Christ to share the blessings of beingmarried in a blessed ceremony lead by our lead minister JoelSingleton and help from our brothers and sisters in Christ.Working together through our partnership with WordPress, speakingat WordCamp conferences and our online platforms we continueeven more so sharing our faith, sharing our love of Christ and asAfrican American (myself) and Afro-Latina (Aida) to do our bestto be role models for others.The use of virtual lessons, meetings, bible studies and gathersopens bigger doors to establish connections with brothers andsisters in Christ and even those that have questions, are lost andeven feel they are not worthy to be saved.Everyone deserves to be saved.

To advance knowledge in the use of technology Church of Christministries should be considering these things that potentially

help the ministry to blossom.

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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