Ghana discusses solutions to its climate change problems

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November 17, 2011 By Edward Amartey-Tagoe

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The propagation of the Climate Change message has been my main goal for the past couple of days on various social media networks. Dedicating my birthday to the subject of Climate Change is just about the least I can do to bring to light the challenges we face as a continent. Africa has seen draught (this year’s was the worst in 60 years), famine, flooding and so on. It is obvious not much has been done to bring to light what we can do as one race to mitigate the challenges we face or may face in the future.

Today and the day after Marieme Jamme, Amma Baffoe and I will be setting up a platform for various stakeholders from academia to civil society to come together and discuss some practical solutions to some Climate Change challenges we have faced in the past. The two day event is supported by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), the US Department of State, Spotone Global Solutions, Hive Colab, Ted, Ideo among others sponsors. This evvent will be held at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence (KACE) with the Mayor of Accra and the Director General of KACE leading the discussions on the search for practical African solutions to our African problems.

The other side of this event is the Apps Competition which has the core objective of motivating developers to create innovative technologies which will in one way or the other educate African on Climate Change or help curb effects of Climate Change. It is important we bring to the dangers involved in Climate Change as well as throw in solutions which can and will avert such havoc. The draught in the horn of Africa killed thousands, the recent floods in Accra affected lots of properties and now what we need to do is to commit our efforts towards mitigating these effects in the immediate future and years after.

Follow me on twitter today, @ttaaggooee and join in the climate Change conversation as we brainstorm and share ideas on preventive measures.

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