Jacksonville Educator Speaking at Youth Conference In Africa Virtually

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Jacksonville Educator Speaking at Youth Conference In Africa Virtually
William Jackson, STEAM Educator and advocate for STEAM Learning with his wife Aida Correa-Jackson, they are known for speaking at conferences locally, nationally and globally

on technology, STEAM Education and Learning.

William is a 33-year educator with Duval County Public Schools and Professor with Florida State College teaching Web 2.0 and Digital Media. Through his involvement in education both public and higher he has been invited to speak at the conference “One Africa Forum: Global Youth Virtual Conference,”

that is held in Johannesburg, South Africa this year virtually.

The topic of the conference is: OPTIMUM “Transforming Africa through effective sectors’ collaboration.” William’s connection to Africa is through his blogging that is published in Africa on the globally known Africa.com and AfricaOnTheBlog.org

web sites.

He and his wife support several schools in Africa, works in ministry using technology and provide digital content for Let The Bible Speak TV and the Podcast My Quest To Teach –

Digital Evangelism.

William Jackson and Aida Correa-Jackson

The goal of the conference for the several thousand that will attend across Africa, “Organized bodies and individuals with the vested interest in Africa’s unity, development and absolute independence anchored on dignity,

peace and freedom.”

Through these goals William encourages African youth, teens and young adults to understand the power and influence of their voices and digital voices. To learn skills that will prepare African youth for future careers involved with technologies that are not even created yet. He shares these with his students that he teaches here and teaches to prepare students for careers in Space and with the oceans of the world through STEM, STEAM

and STREAM Education and Learning.

The date of the virtual event is Friday, Aug 20th and Saturday, 21st, more information can be found on the Web Site and Facebook page:

Web site:  https://oneafricaforum.com





William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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