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September 28, 2012 By specialguest

Dear Friends,

Zambia’s Asikana Network launches crowdsourcing project to map all Africa’s women in technology initiatives.

Please help Africa’s emerging Women in Technology movement by posting, tweeting and sharing this news and link on social media:

The Asikana Network is the Women in Technology group based at, Lusaka’s technology and innovation hub. The was formed by women to provide mentoring, training and solidarity to women breaking into this male-dominated sector.

Benefiting from support from sister organisations at iHub Niarobi and Asikana Network has launched a project to identify and map all of Africa’s women in technology organisations, projects and initiatives.

The objective is to enable women’s organisation to know of each other, establish links of practical support and solidarity,in order to learn from each others experience, expertise & example, and to collaborate and support each other in the challenges each face. Asikana has already mapped 16 organisations in a dozen different countries but needs you help to reach out to other organisations and other countries.

If you know of a Women in Tech organisation not mapped please put it on the map: submit a report by entering the organisation’s contact details into this short web form:

Otherwise please forward this post to relevant contacts, share on Facebook and tweet to you followers.

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