STEM Embraces All The Colors of the Rainbow

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Sharing this information if any schools are interested in digital classrooms for African students to work with technology in virtual classrooms.

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STEM Embraces All The Colors of the Rainbow
William Jackson, M.Ed.
STREAM Educator and WordPress Content Developer

Science Technology Engineering Math – STEM Science Technology Engineering Arts Math –  STEAM

Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math – STREAM

Just as the very words are dripping with diversity in the learning process along with innovative thinking, creativity and bonding the learning process with hands-on learning through project based application and instruction that embraces the intellectual and innovative thinking of students in Duval County

Public Schools.

I’m proud to say that in my classrooms, there is a representation of over 30 global countries.  Using the alphabet some countries that are represented Albania, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic,

Ghana, Haiti, Portugal, Syria, Uruguay, Venezuela, and others.

I’m humbled and determined to prepare youth, teens and young adults for future careers that are being birthed by industry, commerce, global collaborations and the formation of partnerships that build global organizations and foundations to further study the world that we live on and how we will one day sail through the stars as it is depicted in Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Space 1999 and other shows. Even though these television and movies showed worlds where Artificial technologies, Voice tech, Nano technologies, Virtual Realties coexist and allow man to move forward in his evolutionary journeys away from the planet Earth. There are still many challenges here on earth that must be faced that our children will have to deal with and be prepared with solid

foundational learning.

STEM and other formats are being used in classrooms across the nation and around the world. Where students are being taught to be engineers, where students are being encouraged to think like Artists, where the Arts are brought into the learning of students. There are endless possibilities of the need to explore and that it is ok to be a Blerd, Geek, Nerd and thinking outside of the box is

expected and celebrated.

William Jackson, M.Ed.

Being a STEM / STEAM  teacher in Duval County Public Schools is not just throw students on the computer it is a strategic, planned and coordinated educational process that builds students to learn new ways to think, rationalize, understand, process information,

collaborate and branding of knowledge. STEM / STEAM / STREAM

educators are facilitators of learning, we are not lecturers, we are not play education implementers and we are not gaming avenues

of mindless gaming experiences.

Since the beginning of the school year student learning is guided by allowing the students to have creative thought in how to complete projects. They are given the problem, provided the parameters of the projects and then the teacher is the facilitator of learning by guiding through the design process on paper, applying a one dimensional process into a digital arena that is solved in a process of multi-dimensional engagement and finally building the project to

complete the tasks necessary.

Allowing students with different learning modalities to use their best tools to make something awesomely wonderful and expand their knowledge and skills to be future problem solvers. This process

prepares students for the potential of future careers in STEM

and STEAM. To tailor learning for the individual
student in an environment of learning diversity and innovation.

Student that can learn visually have that, students that learn auditorally have that, students that learn with more than one sense have that also. It is built into the fabric of creativity and innovation. 80% of future careers will demand some level of technology abilities, vision, implementation, creativity and


To prepare students to be future thought leaders schools, even during a global pandemic must prepare their students to be the problem solvers, the creatives, the innovators to not just think out of the box, but not to be constrained by a box at all. Students must be given free reign sometimes to explore, build, make, tear down, collaborate, cooperate,

argue, fuss and rebuild.

The future is not perfect, it is not defined in a box of instructions, the future is unpredictable and un-scalable to a point. No one saw the pandemic coming, not warning, no visions, no evidence, but it is here and now. How are youth, teens and young adults in schools being prepared for

future events?

Learning in my classroom requires students to think, create, focus, build, draw, plan, execute, talk, struggle, learn, challenge their minds, make things hard sometimes and build collaborations. I and other educators during the past several years are building the thought leaders this nation and the world will need to face the future either in space, in oceans, in the atmosphere, inside the human

body and ecologically.

Parents, schools, businesses and organization must provide learning chances that are supportive and empowering now before the future sets the bars so high that not only will thousands die, but millions will potentially perish because we as a human race are not ready to work together, collaborate together, grow together and

prepare together.

Please watch the videos to see how the blending of learning elements that helps students from all walks of life prepare for the coming evolution and revolution of digital skills, styles and actions. This is just a small piece of the learning that is ongoing in Duval County Public Schools in the

STEM, STEAM and STREAM classes of elementary, middle

and high schools. William Jackson, M.Ed.

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William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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