Where is Africa on the Technology Sphere of Influence in Evangelism

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Where is Africa on the Technology Sphere of Influence in Evangelism
William Jackson, M.Ed.

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Supporting and celebrating the growth, influence, creativity and innovation of African technology and the people that make tech influential across the continent of Africa. There is tremendous growth across the continent that other nations like China, France, Germany, Canada and others are contributing

to the infrastructure of mobile technologies.

As a content creator and educator, I have always been impressed and excited to see what is happening on the African continent, addressing the growing levels of technology, educational growth and importantly in ministry in the Body of Christ. Technology is influencing social engagements, educational access, religious influences, economic access to resources. Branding and Marketing for entrepreneurs and small to medium size businesses is in comparison of the

Church of Christ growing influence in Africa.

My area as an educators and member of the Body of Christ is Digital Evangelism and Discipleship. The growth and influence of Christianity has been hard, but there are victories, even without hard wired schools, dedicated Internet services. Ministers in many places of Africa are still preaching and teaching

by walking and evangelizing to the people .

Members of the Body of Christ in Africa need not feel alone, isolated, spiritually depleted and without support. The access to the Internet has brought exposure and support through prayers, inspirational content, access to lectureships, online Bibles that are interactive and rich with multimedia elements to share the scripture even with the changes of

language and interpretations.

Being an advocate, volunteer, teacher, speaker and even an organizer with WordCamp conferences. It has provided me opportunities to travel to multiple WordCamps around the United States, Canada and even Central America. Starting my first WordCamp journey in 2010 to Orlando, Florida and eventually speaking

nationally and internationally.

Applying my digital skills to ministry was an easy transition because I was lead by the spirit to do God’s work by applying my experiences, knowledge and resources to ministry. Using blogging to share content on Church of Christ and Social Media


I can blog about integrating technology into the Body of Christ and share the importance of “good” content that does not take away from scripture,

but shares the faith with “believers in Christ.”

The blessings have been being a teacher on “Let The Bible Speak TV,” based in Jos, Nigeria


Evangelist George and Enoch are my brothers in Christ and have been doing amazing works with “Let The Bible Speak TV.” Broadcasting on Facebook our faith that is based on the foundations of Christ and sharing scripture to be interpreted, encouraged and applying to the world

we live in even in the 21st century.

Podcasting was integrated on the platform Anchor with My Quest to Teach and Digital Evangelism where I share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge and passion of how Social Media can share the Word of God.

There are an increasing number of ministers, evangelists, elders, missionaries, and others in the Body of Christ using tools, platforms and Apps that live in Africa sharing content to save souls and keep souls saved. The work continues more to help others embrace scripture and apply the Word of God

to their daily lives.

Digital engagements and virtual innovation is inspiring to see all levels of technological growth and how this growth is inspiring and preparing African youth, teens and young adults that life is rich in great experiences and those include being baptized into the Body of Christ. Inspiring digital leaders of Africa to share the blessings of our Lord Jesus in

their messages to save souls and keep souls saved.

Christians in the United States need to embrace Africa and help in the establishment of digital infrastructures to promote educational equality, economic equality of African business men and women before China starts to

enhance African educational and business systems.

Within 10 years Africa will have astronauts traveling to space with support from China and the United States will have missed an opportunity to be economic

influences in the region and the world.

The competition for African innovators is real and Africa is the next continents where digital innovation will change the course of technological history. Even today the raw materials that are needed for materials

to build technology hardware are coming from Africa.

China seems to be smarter and have a further view of the potential of Africans and will help build African schools, help build a robust digital infrastructures that enable faster wireless access and the creation

of STEM, STEAM and STREAM growth.

Importantly key elements of ministry will be lost because China does not provide support (to the best of my knowledge) the growth of the ministry Church of Christ. There is religious denial to its citizens and persecution is evident when Christians must

worship, fellowship and pray in hiding.

African youth, teens and young adults are learning that technology allows them to be influencers of cultural changes, self-expression, access to educational platforms for online learning, engagement in music, cultural and family connections. The challenge is at what price to ministerial freedoms to share the gospel across the continent. The rules to social engagement are changing

in Africa at digital speeds because of the growth.

Technology is allowing for representation on another level. That representation is being challenged when Christians, followers of Christ are not allowed to worship openly and without violence. Our faith as Christians in base on our abilities to be disciples, and evangelists. We must be true to Christs direction

for teaching, preaching and baptizing people.

Representation does matter across Africa as African youth, teens and young adults are building digital communities. They’re building PLC – Professional Learning Communities, PLC/N – Personal Learning Communities and Networks. These networks should include ministry, evangelism, worship, fellowship and communication of God’s Word. Never in the history of human engagement can people stay connected continuously and with so much influence. Tech is the catalyst of phenomenal growth to expand the human growth and condition to share our faith and the love of Christ………..

Part 2 coming soon………………..

William is the digital innovator for his brand My Quest To Teach using the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach sharing his journey teaching,  mentoring,

community activism and community collaborations.

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